TALULAH GORGE: Killer Steps to Nature's Infamous Beauty

This week has been insane trying to escape the path of Hurricane Irma by fleeing to Atlanta, Georgia. Well, to be honest, I was headed to a Matt Wertz gig at Atlanta’s City Winery (which is amazing by the way) so my trip had a purpose before the hurricane. 411 more words


Gear Review - Rosette Products' Bridge Tie Guard

Up for review is Rosette Products‘ clear bridge tie guard. A very simple addition to your guitar to protect it from those nasty dings you may get (if) when the string(s) unravel at the bridge. 112 more words

Gear Review

Fishing on the Wharf

I went to the Boston Spa camera fair at the weekend (where I bought a Zeiss Ikon medium format folder – which needs a small bellows repair before I can use it, and a Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 lens for my OM-1). 282 more words


Buttcoins - the sequel

W / — 3NT by East


A 10 5
Q J 9 8 5
J 8
9 8 3


A K 6 3… 123 more words