A Rusty Crossing (Monochrome Monday)

Every other month my son needs to visit the orthodontist 145km away. Fortunately for me, the almost 300km round-trip provides some of the most spectacular scenery no matter what the season.  47 more words


These fascinating pictures show the Severn Bridge being built

This Thursday marks 50 years since the original Severn Bridge was opened to traffic. When the Queen opened it, on September 8, 1966, she hailed it as the dawn of a new economic era for South Wales. 19 more words

Welsh Business News

Beautifully Beckoning Bridge

I like the symmetry of this photo; the positioning of the bridge beckons your eyes to look into the distance. The effect of this is stunning, drawing your eye deep into the beauty of the photo. 12 more words

Close Up Photos

Front de Seine

The Front de Seine is a highrise neighborhood located in the 15th arrondissement. With China Town in South Paris, this is the only highrise district in the city, except for the Montparnasse tower, which is in the middle of Paris.

20160425 Lake Matheson

Matheson Cafe

Lake Matheson’s Reflection – Mt. Tasman (Left) And Mt. Cook (Right)

The Suspension Bridge Over Clearwater River

The View

Eastern Wetland


Triborough Bridge #3, Manhattan - 1937

Triborough Bridge #3, Manhattan – 1937

The New York Times Store is proud to present a special collection of historical images by legendary photographer Berenice Abbott (1898 1991), reproduced from the archives of the New York Public Library. 8 more words