New Bridge, Same Eaton Centre

If you’ve been living under a rock for a while or if you’re not from Toronto, then you probably don’t know that the 6 has a shiny new bridge that’s attracting a lot of attention. 439 more words

The most beautiful bridge in the world - a 'white' balanced view

A few months back i noticed an occluded front on the Forth. Results in a heavy low lying mist that sometimes sits below the top of the bridges so you can get some really nice and eerie images. 344 more words

How to stretch your back

Do you ever have back pain?  Do you need to gain strength in your back muscles to help?  Check out my video where I show you how I deal with back pain and how I’m making my muscles more flexible and strong through several back exercises.


Strefa - Natural ( Common ) Language - Polish Club

The one I like – Strefa

OKbridge system notes

A modern version – many are available online

Something along the lines of Fritz or say ChessBase as far as the game of chess goes… 9 more words


Tranquility at Blue Hour

A view of the Third Avenue Bridge and the night sky from the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis


Michigan: Mackinaw and "The Bridge".

Mackinaw Michigan lies on the uppermost tip of Michigan. It is the gateway to the Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island.

The light House makes for a safe journey for ships navigating the treacherous waters off the coast in Lake Huron as water flows into it from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. 259 more words