Gunnar Heilmann's by Ocean View Romance - photo 139750381 - 500px

short trip to get the after sun tan in the sky …. i hope you like what came of it … hit like if you do so … i mean dot now ;-)www.facebook.com/GunnarsPhotos ..more from the same night you find on FB… 6 more words


Moderate Rain, 10°C

Avenue du Pont du Gard

Pont du gard is a well preserved Roman aqueduct used to supply water to town of Nemausus (Nimes). 20 more words


Watercolor Wednesday

It turned out better than I expected, but I won’t say I’m happy with this. What makes me really dislike this sketch is that I drove all the way up to St. 37 more words


Trailer dalls on vehicle from bridge in Port-Harcourt (See photos)

The growing rate at which trailers and lorries cause havoc on highways these days is really alarming. 66 more words


The Bending of Light

It was the Middle of the Night and I couldn’t sleep at all when I found this Bridge.  I had decided to take a walk along the east side  until I was tired enough to sleep, and as I looked down a street  I saw  these dots of light arching out of the darkness.  217 more words