A full weekend of Bridge

means a full weekend of weirdness. We had a day of pairs to knock of the rust to prepare for the North American Open Pairs Texas/Mexico qualifiers. 526 more words


That time I saw death!

Death- such a strong and fearful word. No one wants to die but we all know, everyday is just a step closer to death. Nobody and nothing can stop it- we are born, we live and we die and death is the destination…just a final destination. 622 more words

Liberation From Liberty

Day 5 (18 April 2016)

I was really looking forward to this day. It was the day reserved for Kaesong and no trip to Kaesong could be complete without a visit to Panmunjom. 2,267 more words



While I didn’t really like Florence as a city, I must admit there were a few things that did catch my attention.

On one side, the… 370 more words