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I was raised as a devout Catholic. Catholics are supposed to believe that homosexuality is a sin. Although I never truly understood the purpose of that particular belief, I went along with it. 356 more words

Holiday Hell

 I’m not feeling the greatest right now but I am realizing that love is f’ing awesome and I’m getting better :).

Today I am sitting in a -5 C apartment unsure of what to do with the next couple days as they are technically holidays and no one is around or everyone is busy doing something. 220 more words

Daily Life


I had a dream.

There were many marble stairs leading to  platform on which a throne sat. On the left side of the throne was a swirling pillar of white cloud. 331 more words

church or Church

In many ways I am annoyed at the way the word church has been used in recent history. Many people use the word to label a building or even a particular congregation, but I think that is a huge understatement of what the word actually means. 231 more words