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Under the Influence

part 1

Draped in curvilinear shapes. Bright folds dipping, sliding under and over. Swaying over and round. Gestures. Imprints of movement. Choreographed.

part 2

I keep a book on Bridget Riley nearby my working table. 360 more words


Untitled 1965 Bridget Riley born 1931 Purchased 1970 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P07110

Brigitte Riley, Op Art British painter, with some of her works.

Hesitate 1964 Bridget Riley born 1931 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1985… 198 more words


Bridget Riley (wear sunglasses)


This picture by Bridget Riley (painted 1993)  is currently on display at Tate Modern, Room Bridget Riley.  You may feel the need to wear sunglasses to view, but if it makes you feel warm and sunshiney, you are on the same wavey length as the painter – as she feels the colours are from an Egyptian palette. 82 more words


Re-Viewing the Tate Modern

The first time I was introduced to Bridget Riley’s work was during my early teens – I had just started secondary school, there was finally an entire room, class and timetable slot dedicated to drawing – that thing I really liked doing, you know? 391 more words