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The ABC's of Bridging Visas

Understanding the different types of bridging visas

Bridging visas are issued if you are onshore and have made a valid visa application. Its purpose is to allow you to lawfully remain in Australia until your visa decision. 1,419 more words

Visa Conditions

Could You Be Facing A 3 Year Ban From Returning?

Visa cancelled? Left Australia on a Bridging Visa C, D or E?

Did you know that if you had your visa cancelled or left unlawfully, you would be considered a risk factor and would be facing a 3 year ban from applying for any other temporary visa? 404 more words

Visa Conditions

Applying For Work Rights

What to do if your bridging visa does not have work rights

Bridging visas are mostly automatically issued when an application for a substantive visa is made. 737 more words

Bridging Visas

A Refugee Committed Suicide At Brisbane Airport An Barely Anyone Noticed

November 02, 2015 | Buzfeed Australia

Reza Alizadeh. Supplied

At around 4 a.m. last Tuesday morning, Reza Alizadeh, a 26-year-old Iranian man who had been living in Australia on a bridging visa since 2013, walked to the entrance of Brisbane International Airport. 1,843 more words

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