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A Real Turkey

(Bridgman, Michigan) We were winding up our Tuesday errands when we turned south on Gast Road from Lemon Creek and headed toward the Bridgman Public Library to avail ourselves of their fabulous collection.   149 more words


Feather Duster

Feather duster

Finds the motes

In my mind


In my heart.

(1/12/15) 24 more words


Polish Heroes A Book review; Tim Bridgman “Positively Disappointing”, Szkolenia Lodz, 2015

When I was handed the manuscript for Positively Disappointing, I thought the title was brave. Having personally experienced the negative language and assumed pessimism of Poland’s neighbour, The Czech Republic, some 20 years ago, I was keen to read of Tim’s experience and his analysis of the country’s culture as it exists in modern regional Poland. 379 more words


A Nuclear Power Plant Leaked Oil Into Lake Michigan For Up To 2 Months Straight

A leak at a nuclear power plant went undetected for weeks, allowing up to 2,000 gallons of oil to flow into Lake Michigan.

Staff at the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Michigan first began actively looking for the leak December 17 after discovering that the oil level had declined in one of the facility’s turbine lube oil reservoirs. 331 more words


Lights on Lake Street

(Bridgman, Michigan) So, winter came roaring back to life in Southwest Michigan on Tuesday night, with a plummeting thermometer and rain turning rapidly to driving snow, and so the only logical thing to do was park the car on Lake Street and alight with camera and tripod and shoot as long as the fingers would allow it.   7 more words


How the Earth's Mystery Mineral Got Its Name

We seldom get to see a sample of the Earth’s most common mineral. It resides within the mantle at extreme heat and pressure not found on the surface. 1,432 more words