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The WWE Universe Voices Their Opinion About Gender Inequality

Last week while attending a Wizard World Comic-Con event, Brie Bella was questioned regarding her thoughts on the current state of WWE’s Divas division. She made her thoughts clear, saying that the women in WWE must attempt to tell a story in only a few minutes of match time on television each week. 893 more words


#GiveDivasAChance Is Still Trending, So What Happens Now?

As of this writing, #GiveDivasAChance is still trending in the U.S., three days after the dissenting Twitter hashtag first appeared. The biggest catalyst of this came from an unlikely source: Vince McMahon himself. 983 more words



On this public relations Wednesday I want to talk about something that flared up on Monday, listening to fans. Social media has one of the strongest implications on the PR world because without the public there is no job for us. 365 more words


WWE RAW RESULTS: 30 Seconds of Absolute Misbehaviour (February, 23rd 2015)

Mondays episode of RAW marked the first RAW since Fast Lane and the first heading into WrestleMania, and it came with some breathtakingly alarming controversy that gathered an entire community of kind and supporting fans. 938 more words

Frustrated Fans Transformed WWE's Dumb R-Truth Hashtag Into #GiveDivasAChance

Last night on Raw, R-Truth showed up on commentary during a Bad News Barrett match and pushed the hashtag #GiveTruthAChance. See, Truth had won a random roll-up victory over Barrett on SmackDown, and he obviously hasn’t been given enough chances in his career, so fans were supposed to rally behind the most stale and least interesting character on the roster. 251 more words


WWE FAST LANE RESULTS: Devious Bella Is On The Fast Lane to WrestleMania (February, 22nd 2015)

Last Night saw the debut of the Fast Lane PPV, the last PPV to give roadblocks to competitors on the Road to WrestleMania in a less brutal way than what the Elimination Chamber had…or did it? 968 more words

Do Not Pick Between Nikki and Paige

The anti-diva “movement” in the World Wrestling Entertainment business is constantly being argued as either being good or really bad. With the current Bella and Paige feud the anti-diva argument is being brought to the main light. 663 more words