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Did you know you're reading "fan fiction"?

Fan fiction is loosely defined as written works that feature characters and elements from a TV series, a film, or a book. Without fan fiction we wouldn’t have works like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” 221 more words

Arts & Entertainment

Muscles, water and sunlight....

Muscles, water and sunlight. Oh and this tall dark handsome fella. This was an interesting photo shoot. We attended the location expecting to have sand and got mud. 35 more words


Ongoing Spotlight - May 3, 2016


The current definition of “buddy comedy” should feature the faces of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Following up on the hilarious run of their Comedy Central series, the dynamic duo’s transition to feature films fully capitalizes on their well-established chemistry, which settles audiences in for a familiar ride right from the start. 227 more words


The Briefing Gap

Picture the scene…

I sit at my workspace in an open plan office. It’s mid-summer and the heat created by a piercing shaft of sunshine that falls on my face is not quite offset by the cool generated by the office air conditioning system. 1,340 more words


Phase 2: Design Development

The next two weeks will focus on Design Development and Integration. Please download the brief for review requirements and intermediate deadlines.


Hot Beef and Ice Cream Sundaes at Bancroft Senior Center Sunday

The Bancroft senior center will be serving hot beefs and ice cream sundaes from 11:00 until 1:00 p.m. Sunday May 1. This event is open to everyone in the community.

Bancroft Senior Center

Ongoing Spotlight - April 26, 2016


As tends to happen with directors who settle in for the long haul, we get caught up in their most recent works, the themes and current stylistic choices that dominate our attention at the moment, forgetting earlier signature touches. 444 more words