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ADS2 is on sabbatical

Happy new year!

ADS2 is taking a year sabbatical from teaching at the RCA School of Architecture so that David  can finish his PhD. 27 more words


Thierry Jean-Bart in his briefs

Athlete Thierry Jean-Bart (ph. Kevin Moore).

There’s more to see at the Top of the Shaft

The Controversy of the 9/11 Mattress Ad

By Tseveen Saruultuya

A few days before the anniversary of the tragic attack on 9/11, a mattress company called Miracle Mattresses, located in San Antonio, Texas, created a 9/11 spoof to promote their new sale called the “Twin Tower Sale”. 151 more words


Korea Sends Out Plea for Help

By Cody Baker

After all that has occurred in the news lately in relation to the nuclear testing tension regarding North Korea and their negligence to comply much to the disapproval of the international community, the world wasn’t the least taken aback by the sudden plea for assistance after a rather destructive monsoon left a war path of destruction behind in the northeastern counties of the country. 126 more words


Deja Vu for the Wildcats

By Alexa Willms

Fruita, CO – Last Friday, September 9th, two rival schools faced off at a greatly anticipated football game. The schools have a history of hatred, and every year they go all out to prove who’s superior at the big game. 187 more words


Dinosaur Discovered by Child at Museum's Latest Dig

By Abbie Brown

It’s every little eight year olds dream to find a dinosaur, and for a young Florida boy participating in the dinosaur dig at Mygatt-Moore Quarry, it came true. 180 more words