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#0988: Brienne of Tarth



Okay, guys, I gotta confess: I’ve been roped in by this whole Game of Thrones thing. Action figures and all. 795 more words


Game of Thrones: A Tale of Women In Power

SPOILERS: S6 E10: The Winds of Winter

Pity poor Daenerys. Part liberator, part warrior queen, she was poised to become the first female ruler of Westeros. 469 more words

Fairy Loot Unboxing: May (High Fantasy)

What is Fairy Loot, you ask? Well Fairy Loot is a subscription box that focusses on YA fantasy. It literally does not get better for me as it is the primary genre I read (I mean I read most genre of YA SFF but fantasy is and will forever be my first love!). 749 more words


The Blackfish. GOT S6.E. 8 Riverrun

The Blackfish

I am not going to discuss the Arya story right now. If you are anything like myself you have probably read more than enough of Arya analysis pieces over the past week. 596 more words

Game of Thrones: No One Review

Hello Geeks! We only have two more episodes to go in this season of Game of Thrones and like the previous seasons the last two episodes are the most action packed. 1,515 more words


GAME OF THRONES Season 6, Ep. 8: "No One"

Valar Morghulis my friends and welcome to Season Six of Game of Thrones. Every week, I will recap Sunday’s episode and answer any questions that readers may have in a midweek mailbag that I will update as questions come in right up to when the new episode airs. 1,939 more words