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Stormtrooper of Brienne

Ever since the release of the new Star Wars trailer, there has been much fascination for the new movie. With new information at the SDCC, excitement has reached epic proportions.

Sketch #73 of 365


Season Five, Episode Five, Kill the Boy

Dany is not taking the death of Ser Barristen well, what about Grey Worm? He chose to fight  for Dany over freedom after years of slavery and abuse. 357 more words

Season Five, Episode Three, High Sparrow

You may have noticed that I have slowed down my viewing pace a little. This is because, much like winter, the end of season five is coming and then I’ll be up to speed and my catch up adventure will be over. 434 more words

Season Five, Episode Two, The House of Black and White

Arya is on a seemingly deserted island about to go into a sinister building. “Hello” doesn’t seem like a suitably epic greeting for this creepy guy. 347 more words

Season Five, Episode One, The Wars to Come

Right, here we go then. Ten episodes until I’m up to speed with the rest of the world.

More new characters. Or is this a flashback? 512 more words

Game of Thrones: Everything but Jon Snow.

This contains spoilers. If you’ve not watched the show yet, why are you reading this?!

So another season of Thrones has come to an end, and it has ended with significant events, cliffhangers and deaths aplenty. 1,506 more words

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Season Four, Episode Ten, The Children

We open where we left off in episode nine, Jon Snow walking away from his oath. I suppose the death of a gobby northern lover will do that to a guy, however noble he is. 443 more words