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Ultimate Success Series: Why Ultimate Success?

Why Ultimate Success…?  This is my Life’s Mission for YOU.

This is the first of a series called, “Ultimate Success!” Stay tuned…Nuggets of Wisdom coming in a contemporary format.   20 more words


Best of the Web: Ultimate Success ... Bulletproof Style

Mornings, Coffee and a Fitness Routine are ALWAYS better TOGETHER.  A while back a friend shared this coffee recipe with me and I’ve been hooked ever since.   188 more words


What I've learned after six months at the gym

If you’d told me a year ago that I would actually go and buy a gym membership, I would have laughed myself silly. Me? At the gym? 912 more words


We bombed Syria. Now what?

By Asya Filipova

Five million externally and six million internally displaced Syrian citizens, a six-year-long disastrous war, and a 5,000-year-old cultural heritage turned into rubble – would this be enough to convince world leaders to revisit their strategy and reflect on their mistakes in war-torn Syria?   1,012 more words


Brig talks to Sports President candidate Alex Duke

The best part about being an adult (at least for me anyway) is having the choice not to participate in physical activity. It sounds incredibly ignorant, but being the couch potato that I am, I didn’t fully understand the importance of the Sports Union. 1,747 more words