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'Superheroes' Give Hope To Parents Of Premature Babies At Boston Hospitals

BOSTON (CBS) – A spark of hope comes in the form of once premature babies who are now helping new parents focus on the future. 259 more words


Two Boston Hospitals To Sequence Genome Of Newborns For The First Time Ever

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the very definition of optimism: a newborn baby. And to keep these little ones the perfect pictures of health, some day in the near future, routine newborn care could include a sci-fi screening that is slowly going mainstream. 435 more words


Brigham & Women's Hospital Uses Cooling Blankets To Help Babies At Risk

BOSTON (CBS) – “The day you’re born might be the riskiest day of your life,” says Dr. Michael Prendergast, a neonatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 258 more words


5 Ways to Relax In No Time At All

Ever felt like you just can’t unwind after a demanding week? That’s because stress triggers your body’s fight or flight response: your adrenaline starts pumping, your heart beats faster, and your blood pressure rises, explains Ash Nadkarni, MD, an associate psychiatrist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. 642 more words


New Blood Test Could Quickly Reveal Complete Virus History

BOSTON (CBS) – Right now, if your doctor wants to know if you have the measles or HIV or the flu, they have to order one test for each virus. 274 more words


Healthcare giant launches $1.2 billion electronic records consolidation effort

Partners HealthCare, a massive Boston-area hospital network, is consolidating its many electronic health records systems so every patient is associated with a single set of data across all specialties and facilities. 336 more words