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Keeping Brigid after Imbolc

Brigid before me,

Brigid beside me,

Brigid behind me.

I am under the shielding

Of good Brigid

Each day and each night.

This is my nightly prayer – though often said in my mind rather than with my mouth – as well as my charm of protection whenever the need arises for one.

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Lunar Imbolc Meditation: A Journey to Meet Brighid

It is early morning. The sun has not yet risen, but you can hear birds singing, welcoming the coming dawn. You feel the kiss of cold air on your skin as the breeze dances around you, and the soft smell of the thawing earth fills your nostrils. 997 more words

Imbolc Group Ritual

On Saturday I participated in a group ritual with the local protogrove. I was nervous going there, but I’m glad I went. Here are the most important details: there were only four of us, and the other three knew each other well. 488 more words



Today is Imbolc, and appropriately enough I was woken up by someone looking for a party at five o’clock this morning! Imbolc marks the first day of spring and was celebrated in Man, Ireland and Scotland as one of the four seasonal festivals. 560 more words


Imbolc 2016

Brighid’s Bed, Brighid’s shrine, and I’ve made a little over twenty Brighid’s crosses thus far (this is a variation that’s slightly easier for me, and works better with the materials I have handy – specifically, pine needles). 43 more words

A poem for Imbolc.

Here in South Florida, in case you didn’t know, we don’t actually have snow. It doesn’t get very cold, and even when it does, it doesn’t stay that way for very long. 413 more words

Brighid and the Sacred Milk

Many of us associate Imbolc with milk in part because, as tradition has it, the holiday falls when the sheep in Ireland are lactating.  As a result, a favorite family activity in many Pagan households is making butter, and many of us offer cow, sheep, or goat milk to Brighid. 505 more words