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So You Wanna Be A Priest

Here’s the thing:

I’ve felt for some time that Brighid’s been calling me to priest/esshood. It’s been an inkling at the back of my mind for many, many years and only grew when I helped found Clann Bhride. 738 more words


Musings about Brigantia and Loki

I’ve written elsewhere about being a flame tender with Clann Bhride which means every twenty days I light a flame and look after it for twenty four hours as a devotional act.  335 more words

Sunshine and Lightning

Lugh, born to Ethniu in her tower of glass, fostered by Manannán and Tailtiu and others, leads the Tuatha Dé to victory in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, defeating his grandfather, Balor of the Baleful Eye, thus fulfilling the prophecy of his birth. 1,625 more words

Celtic Religion

Trance 1: Keeping Momentum

The following is an account of my continued work with trance as part of ADF’s Trance 1 course, advanced studies towards Initiate status.  I’ve decided to share my personal experiences on my blog as a way of personal accountability.   480 more words


I feel the need for an extra Flameshift

Brighid watch over us

May your flame light our way

Through the night

Through the storms

Through our tears

May your waters sooth and heal… 101 more words

The Return

So today it is Canada Day, where back home everyone is celebrating their happiness in a country that is working towards a better future for all, under the leadership of a sincere and honest politician. 426 more words