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30 Days of Devotion - Brighid -- Sacred times

  1. Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity

The best source for Festival and days of Brighid that I have found is a book called “The Silver Bough – Scottish Folklore and Folk Belief.” It’s a 4 volume set that is finally available on Kindle at a reasonable price which is a bit maddening since it took me about 20 years of scouring the book stalls at different Highland games to acquire all 4 volumes. 339 more words


30 days of Devotion - Brighid - --Offerings

Day 10 Offerings

Offerings to Brighid can be a bit hairy traditionally because the tradition offering at a well was a clootie or piece of cloth with a plea for healing or help and it’s hairy because is the plea to the well or is it to Brighid? 311 more words


Poetry month - St Bridget

Saint Bridget

by Eleanor Farjeon

Part of a series of poems on saint’s lives
Saint Bridget she was beautiful
In feature and in deed
And she would give the world away… 119 more words


30 days of Devotion - Brighid --- day 9

  1. Common mistakes about this deity

The only one I can think of right off hand is the assumption that any Celtic goddess with three faces is a Maiden, Mother, Crone goddess and I’ve written that particular pet peeve before. 323 more words


30 Days of Devotion - Brighid --- Day 8

The Scots are an intensely practical bunch. They may have second sight and never doubt that the Fae exist but when it comes to the seasons I’m willing to bet they used what they saw before them to determine the seasons. 1,957 more words


30 days of Devotion - Brighid - day 7

  1. Names and epithets

Brighid has many names



St Brigit




Fraid (Wales)

Brigitta ( Belgium)

Breo-Saighit, (Gaul)

Mary of the Gaels… 117 more words


Brighid and the Oran Mòr

This is a reblog from my latest blog post at Moon Books. I hope you enjoy it, and do let me know if you’ve had similar experiences. 1,305 more words