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CD Monday

Just spent some time on the Wikipedia page for the term “equivocate.” Apparently, it has a very specific meaning related to logic and polysemic words, but I was planning on using it to say that I tend not to be very decisive. 196 more words


S[tarry] s[tarry] g[round]ed

There’s a winda I love.  It’s a winda of

commercial invention and colour.

But even as it’s there quite purpose-

fully, at the same time its being’s their… 202 more words


Album 4: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning by Bright Eyes

I’m surprised it took me this long to purchase I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning by Bright Eyes, much less let it be the first album I purchased this year. 429 more words



Tension builds. It fills your back, your neck, your face. Hands clench around the wheel until the leather creaks and cracks. You feel it building deep inside-all of those primal emotions you have tried to hide. 269 more words

Bright Eyes

new ideas

There’s a little Irish band called Villagers, well actually it’s just one guy. An incredibly talented young man I saw a few years ago on TV looking like the new Conor Oberst, now somehow he’s got older, greying hair, but his music is still poetic, emotional and he sings like the falling snow – crisp, clear, illuminating fears and time itself. 296 more words

A lover you don't have to love...

I used to have really normal, functional relationships.

I found these posts on my Facebook wall from ages ago where a boyfriend sent me sweet little messages or let me know it was good to see me. 505 more words


Is that my heart or yours?

Baby they’re one and the same.

They could never be the same after this.

This love we’ve built together… 71 more words

Bright Eyes