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Some people have a sort of surprising beauty, I swear.  Not that I find myself surprised to find someone beautiful, as though he or she ought not to be, or anything like that.  

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07.06.16 Pt. 5

I saw the woman I met while frying today at the corner of the avenue during the weekly farmer’s market. We smiled and waved at one another as friends would but I could feel my eyes widen with surprise at such explicit recognition of her soft, blue eyed face. 197 more words

Bright Eyes

07.05.16 Pt. 9

Shattered screens replicate the hearts of those around me.

“It pains us to watch you do this to yourself.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.” 151 more words

Bright Eyes

07.05.16 Pt.2

He called me bright eyes because my pupils grew to the size of saucers; my irises thin rings of hazel barely able to shine through. They widened and glowed as I smiled and stared at the way the fabric of time bent and blurred, the stability of solid objects danced before, paintings came alive electrified by the life they breathed in, and mesmerized by the way way music seemed to caress my skin. 107 more words

Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)

“Barbary Coast”

the music video from the album “Salutations”.



Bright Eyes

If my eyes are bright it is because you gave them light.

If my smile is wide and my spirit free it is because you uplift me, 138 more words


"The Indian Question."

The language of hate and propaganda against non-white populations in America is not new.

“The Indian Question.”

The solution of the Indian Problem, as it is called, is citizenship. 890 more words

State Violence