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Things You Wish Someone Had Told You

Here is a list of things I wish someone would have told me to give me a head’s up.

  1. That six month grace period after college will swoop up on you fast, the sooner you get job the better, nothing like having some money in your saving accounts for you bills.
  2. 358 more words

#113 Wait the Weight 26-8-2015

All this weight over your shoulders might turn out to be a big reward in the end.


On the Bright Side

It has been brought to my attention, that some people do have things go according to plan.

I was a little shocked, to be honest. 311 more words


Oh, No You Don't Little Rain Cloud, You're Not Raining On My Parade...Nope NOT TODAY!

Hey everyone and welcome back. *big sigh of relief* I don’t know what happened but it seems like that dark cloud that’s been over my head for the past week has finally disperse! 1,310 more words


Okay, That Really Wasn't Cool...

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

Okay, so here is what’s been going on with me since last time. Rafe came back again, with another instant message, no ‘hello’ no ‘how are you?’ The only thing he says to me is “I know I been a f*ck, but I’m a f*cked”. 965 more words


The good thing about unemployment...

Ok, granted, the cons far outweigh the pros when you’re unemployed; there’s no money, nobody to hang out with as they’re all at work, you eat truckloads more, get bored and your body clock goes AWOL… But if you don’t stay positive you can get pretty down, pretty quickly. 431 more words

The viewfinder

If the forest is white
and a haze of gray,
sits above like a soft overlay.
You will know the warmth is long gone,
with a promise to come again… 96 more words