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Monday blues.

Today was a true Monday. Full of a not so fun workday and the anticipation of an interesting week. There were a few moments today that I simply wanted to throw my hands up in the air and have someone else deal with it all. 94 more words


Három éve költöztünk el Magyarországról. Két éve dolgozom Angliában bentlakásos ápolóként, és hat éve kezdtem először haldoklókat segíteni.

Az utóbbi hetekben a mérlegvonás idejét élem sokféle szempontból. 382 more words

Ápolási Napló

Bright Side

As I sat in the meeting for work yesterday, I looked into the tired faces of my coworkers and saw many different things: Restlessness. Loneliness. Despair. 1,045 more words

Magical Journey Of Life

Lunch Crisis, Solved (?)

Madison’s scheduling issues popped up again today. This one is particularly funny, because as it turns out, they forgot to tell the cafeteria about the change. 218 more words

Bright Side

First Day Report, 2017-2018

  • Up at 5:05.
  • Stretches prescribed by PT at 5:15.
  • Ready to go by 6:05.
  • Out of the parking lot at 6:17.
  • At Madison at 6:41.
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A Talk on Flexibility & Lesson Plan Templates

Today’s Saturday. I probably won’t post too often on weekends. Sylvia and I use weekends to clean, restock, plan meals and appointments for the week, and (most important of all) recharge our batteries for the week. 799 more words


no, you don't

i think one of the most obvious red flags that a salesperson is totally bullshitting you is when they tell you they actually own one of the very item they are trying to sell you, and that they love it. 554 more words