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Why is it, that when I clicked the "motivational" tag on tumblr all that popped up were pictures of peoples butts?

I mean seriously, that has to be the last thing in the world that would motivate me to do anything. Picture it, there I was reading this quote that seem a little inspirational, it didn’t really inspire me to do anything but I like the quote… 1,228 more words


Surprise Blessings from a Coma

Just after Christmas of 2013 I fell extremely ill (sepsis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest) and was put into a medically induced coma for a month so that medicine and machines could heal my body.   485 more words

Silver lining 

I know that each person reading this has had to go through many hardships, battles, and just plain crappy situations! When hard things happen unexpectedly, it’s so beautiful to see how people can come together to be a family, love each other and work together! 45 more words

In the Grand Scheme of Things

Aside from humility,  long-suffering, and love, another crucial trait we need to develop is positivity. It is very vital for us to keep a positive attitude if we intend to say the right words and make the right decisions in every situation. 279 more words

Blessed Bliss

Bottle of Water: $50

Two weeks ago, everything within a one-mile loop of me decided to show all of us within it what life was like when things don’t work like normal.  600 more words


Being pretty does hurt but so does being healthy, I've learned my lesson if I can avoid walking, I WILL.

I figured its time for a another post of random musing of my life.

feeling Out of breath

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 I tell you what, this is THE LAST TIME I trek through the snow for a latte and some donuts! 790 more words


All lies on the way you look at it.....

Today I almost banged my head on the wall in exasperation in thinking “what the h*ll am I going to post today?”

*internally screaming* 786 more words