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thoughts and stars.

I think as many thoughts

as God put stars in the sky.

Some are big and flaming,

thoughts that make me who I am.

And when those stars end in a supernova, 126 more words


Smile, what is smile it is the best thing,gift you can give to anyone,anywhere and any time and it is priceless and most precious thing in this world. 254 more words

Bright Thoughts

Marx and his Reincarnation Continue to be Hotbed of Gross Erata

By Con George-Kotzabasis

The following is a very brief reply to professor of economics Kostas Lapavitsas, and former member of Parliament with the Party of Syriza, to his thesis, that Greece can achieve its national sovereignty only by going back to its own currency, i.e., the drachma, delivered at the Ithacan House, Melbourne, on April 15, 2016. 232 more words

Bright Thoughts

Suspicion of Muslim Women Hidden Behind Veil of Victimisation

The following is a would be reply to Dr. Shakira Hussein’s talk at Readings in Carlton, on March 15, 2016, with the title “From Victims to Suspects”…, 352 more words

Bright Thoughts

Syriza: Merrymaking While in Opposition Follymaking While in Government

America celebrates The Fourth of July as the day of independence of a great nation; Greece remembers The Fifth of July as the day of ignominy and gross stupidity of an abject nation, fallen from its former illustrious and glorious history, that voted “No” in the referendum and thus opened the door to the exit of Greece from the European Union and its entrance to the drachma. 950 more words


Pure Marxism and Lack of Strong Leadership Will Ruin Tsipras Government

Trust those who seek the truth; beware of those who claim to possess it. (Paraphrasing a German dramatist)

Marxists, like God, are omniscient and possess the truth by the Mandate of Heaven, so it is useless to argue against them. 870 more words