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Gold Gold Gold

Got to love a bit of gold.

I came across this series of captivating images from https://www.behance.net/gallery/28063831/GoldRush and I loved them.

I have always been interested in photographing movement, starting with a photography project I did years ago using coloured ink in different liquid substances. 76 more words

Servant of all

While I was trying a new class, I decided to create a character for each of the other two classes I haven’t played. This is a Loremaster who I wanted to name for another Aes Sedai, perhaps Myrelle Berengari, but with only 5 servers on a game that’s been around this long, names are hard to come by, and she is called Iadessea (Aes Sedai, backwards). 84 more words


2014 Tolosa No-Oak Chardonnay

From the Wine Maker – “This pale greenish gold wine opens with the aromas of honey, lemon, apple and peach. There is some underlying minerality that is close to flint. 104 more words


2016, August 20 - 1789 - summer 14

finally the clouds (5)
decide to disperse and soon (7)
fill the streets with sun (5)


Beach bound

3 days of relaxation, warmth light and a buzz :)


Inspired thoughts to get through the day today

Kind of having one of those “this is your life” days and it isn’t very pretty.

Lots of memories and moments popping up out of no where because today is exactly one year since I watched my hubby get wheeled into surgery and prayed so hard that he wouldn’t lose his entire foot to a newly diagnosed disease that was wreaking havoc on our lives.

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My Schwarzkopf Live Colour experience.

I change my mind about my hair colour more often than I change my socks! I’m sure of it!

On Friday night I bleached my hair, since it was so super faded from Boardmasters! 269 more words

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