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Motivational Quote 01~06~17

Hello everyone! Daisy here, from the junior motivators team. Apologies for not posting in a while but life has been very busy lately.

I really like this quote because I think the message is that a SMILE goes a long way, and nothing should stand in the way of your smile. 47 more words

Junior Motivator

A Quote To Brighten Your Day

I love this quote, it’s one of my favourites. It just shows how you can turn a negative feeling into a positive one by just rearranging the letters. 92 more words

Junior Motivator

This video will brighten your day!

As your weird internet friend, one of my priorities will be brightening your day now and then with something heartwarming, cute, or just plain fun. 54 more words

Cheer Up

February 24th: Sing in the Shower

Some things are so simple. Some things are something that people do everyday. Me singing in the shower, is not a regular thing. So this simple task today just made my day a little brighter without much effort. 7 more words


Haiku - structure and creativity

Hey there,

Hope you’re well today. It’s still pretty wintry out there, but hopefully not for much longer! I’ve decided that, Chez Turner, it’s time to start preparing for spring, whatever the weather. 386 more words

Elle Turner

Films to Brighten a Rainy Day

We all have those really mopey days where everything just feels a bit shit no matter what and it’d be really really nice if just one tiny things could brighten your miserable day. 351 more words


If you haven’t seen “La La Land,” carve out a time to do so.  I saw  it this past week, and ended up seeing it again a few days later.   132 more words