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Reblogged: Can Canning Fix It? ....Yes they can. (Er, yeah, I hope so.)

(Kudos to anyone who knows where I nabbed the second half of the title from, giggle. Anyway…)

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Can Canning fix it? 370 more words

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Day 1 Closing the Grave

Today marks the end of my mourning and I feel ready for it. At the start of this purposeful mourning period, I carried around the dead body of the marriage I once thought I had. 177 more words

Recovery And Healing


On August 14th, after hard work and commitment, we switched on the lights in the village of Bokosso to the amazement and joy of  its people. 675 more words


Odd Peg

Odd Peg

First birds she heard in the dawn,
found an odd peg lying on the lawn
that must have fallen from the line,
left forgotten, sodden by the rain, 217 more words


#ClearTheSky - Create A No-Fly Zone Over Syria

Why do we selectively choose to forget some things, while focusing too much on others?

Paraphrased from the Planet Syria team:

Two years ago, the Syrian regime used the chemical agent sarin to gas hundreds of civilians in Ghouta. 680 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

Reblogged: The election: hope versus fear (from The AIMN)

Hi. I have a bunch of ideas floating in my head and things I need to say, but I’m busy and forgot to schedule posts for any of the last week. 1,197 more words

Daily Life

[Reblogged] The Debate We Should Be Having

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Drug Law Reform: The issue we should be debating

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