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From Here On In, We're All In

I marched for the climate on Saturday in my hometown. We had a sizeable gathering, with many official groups and other concerned people (and a few dogs). 861 more words

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Today, 25th November (The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), the 16 days of activism against gender based violence… 339 more words


Keep Up the Pressure: Kids Out!

An addendum to my last post. I’ve received this email (below). It’s a small step and there are still questions. For instance, this doesn’t address the kids on Nauru. 229 more words

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REBLOGGED: Bill Shorten Takes Climate Change Seriously, So Guess Who Isn't Happy With Him

I saw the ‘articles’ last week and raised my eyebrows with a little smile. O.o :/
I then went looking for the article(s) that talked about the actual topic of Shorten’s visit, but found very little online. 892 more words

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REBLOGGED: Why a 4 degree global temperature increase is the new game in town

Oh dear. This doesn’t look good. :(
Grassroots groups and corporations are sitting up and paying attention – or at least beginning to. They’re divesting from fossil fuels… 1,148 more words


REBLOGGED: Why No Action On Gun Violence?

I tend to keep quiet online about certain things to do with other countries…know your own patch first and all that. Also, with the issue of gun violence, I’ve got the impression that anything Aussies say about it sounds a lot like preaching, at least to some Americans. 776 more words

All World Citizens

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Today, there are some really amazing young people who are changing the world. They are not only inspiring, but they provide hope for the future. 658 more words