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At last, some common sense on climate change

One thing I am glad about which has come from the ALP conference is the promise to have 50% of Australia’s electricity generated by renewable sources by 2030. 744 more words


Why are we spending so much time on a relatively small problem that could be handled much better?

I am passionate about many things, but one of my main passions is the plight of refugees. I think it’s the compassion in me. I know I’ve been giving quite a few posts about refugees over the past few days. 1,711 more words

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Bill Shorten's Address at ALP National Conference on Asylum Seeker Policy - Key points

Below is the video of Bill Shorten’s address at the Labor Conference, regarding Asylum Seeker and immigration policies. Key points from the address are listed below: 654 more words

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Well, it's better than I'd hoped. It is rather close to what I'd thought it would be (see Friday's "Cheeky Checklist"). We'll just have to see how it turns out in practice. Given the alternative currently in place, it's a good start.

I Wish.... (A Coda to Yesterday's Pragmatic Post)

I’ve always been a dreamer, as well as practical. I’ve been called an “Optimistic Realist”, in a good way.

I can’t believe I was so pragmatic yesterday, really. 638 more words

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The Awful Compromise: In Order to Get Abbott Out, is Labor Jumping Too Far to The Right?

So, by now you probably would have heard the announcements unveiled ahead of the ALP’s National Conference. There have been good, bad and interesting stuff introduced. 663 more words

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World Literature Today: Someone Speaks Your Name

In this excerpt from Luis García Montero’s third and latest novel, Someone Speaks Your Name, Granada is gray, sad, and frozen in time by Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. 63 more words


Abbott and The Strange State of Aussie Politics

I can’t wait for the Government to change. Last Federal election, I was two months (almost exactly) too young to vote. Instead, I spent the day handing out informative cards produced by GetUp which ranked the policies of Labor, Liberal, the Greens and the Sex Party according to predetermined scales drawn from community consultation. 573 more words

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