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Marching for Social Justice - Against a (Still) Unfair Budget that's just sneakier

The budget recently delivered federally is still unfair in many ways. It’s just sneakier about it.

Consumer confidence might have bounced slightly, but I bet it’ll be a short-term improvement – before people wake up to the truth again. 1,131 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

We Only Have One Earth

I’m fed up with a bunch of things. One being our treatment of our environment.

It’s just so frustrating – there’s only so much I can do. 903 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

Weekly Round-Up 3 of Ichthyosis Awareness Month

Hi again. I think you know the drill by now, but: here’s this week’s round-up of stories from Carly’s blog about Ichthyosis Awareness Month. All in Carly’s/ their own words,  1,182 more words

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After the Budget - A Follow-Up to Last Week's Politics Post

Well. The budgets have been delivered. I’ll focus on the Federal.

It’s a mixed bag of stuff. I’m still not buying it. A week ago,  597 more words

Daily Life

What Are We Going To Do?

Last year, in September, I went down by train to Melbourne on a Sunday, by myself. This was slightly unusual, but it wasn’t any Sunday. It was Sunday the 21st of September 2014. 213 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

Dreams Are Not Just For Kids

Since my oldest daughter, Kate, was born, I knew that I wanted her to have a better life than the one I had. Now, I’m not saying mine was bad, it’s just that we didnt’ always have everything we wanted. 493 more words

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