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Climate Action Now, Please

So, did anyone see the Four Corners┬áprogram on the 15th of June? It was titled “The End of Coal” and was quite interesting. Upshot of the program was that coal is on the way out. 377 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

He may be an Abbott, but he's King John, not Friar Tuck

Following on from earlier….we need to talk about welfare in Australia.

Currently it’s a case of robbing the poor to give to the rich, because it seems that those in charge feel that the poor cannot speak up easily….whereas the rich keep constantly shouting out about how the mining and carbon taxes “robbed” them. 202 more words

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Rats 'Dream' Paths To A Bighter Future Such As Tasty Treat

Science Daily —When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat

Source: University College London

Summary: When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat. 121 more words


Refugee Week: The Truth about the Asylum Seeker "Problem"

This week, from the 14th to the 20th of June, is Refugee Week. A time to acknowledge the plight of refugees and the good they can do if we help them. 1,035 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

We Need to Sort it Out: Please, Can't We Just Accept some Asylum Seekers here and commit to a real Policy?

(I thought I’d published this already. Ooops. Stay tuned for more posts like this, as it’s Refugee Week here.)

It was the fishermen from Aceh who prompted the politicians to act, by rescuing the asylum seeking Rohingya. 1,760 more words

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Hello -Rally for Refugees

Hi everyone. I’ve been really quiet this week because it’s exam time right now at uni. I have an exam tomorrow, one next Friday and an essay due for my third subject in-between. 63 more words

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Final Stories of Ichthyosis Awareness Month: Carly and The Meet

So, we’ve come to the end of May. Here’s the start of Carly’s story and the start of her description of the Australian Ichthyosis Meet, held on the second Saturday of may. 573 more words

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