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A New Adventure...

I have to start by saying sorry for the radio silence on here – this year has been a whirlwind of summer travels, work and socialising leaving me minimal spare time to give to my blog. 670 more words


Canterbury tales: early July 2017

One thing I’d like to be better at is taking time to remember the positive, tiny things that make a difference in every day life: the things that get me laughing in the morning or thinking ‘huzzah!’ when I get in from work. 698 more words


My Local Diary: April 2017

Well, I had a LOT of good food in April let me put it this way. There is no wonder that by the end of the month I called a reset onto myself and decided to give up drinking, sugar, grains and dairy to try and make myself feel normal again! 2,134 more words

Gluten Free

My Local Diary - March 2017

Yup another late post, I have been quite busy again! Last week I had 8 days off work to travel around the countryside and London and it’s been lovely… More of that later down the line though. 1,075 more words

Gluten Free

My Local Diary: February 2017

Well, this is rather late but I have been super busy posting other things and trying lots of delicious food. Work has been quite crazy as it’s peak season so my weekends have involved minimal thinking and as much countryside as I can too. 1,665 more words

Gluten Free

*12 days* til showtime.... 12+1 songs from my A List +1 Bonus ;)

With only 12 days left until our show at Red’s in Shoreditch   I thought I had better start introducing myself a bit so y’all could get to know my vibe and decide if you wana come check my creations on the 9th! 95 more words


Review: Body Fuel Cafe, Paleo Friendly Cafe in Hove

For those of you who know me or have been following me for awhile know that the paleo diet is one that works well for my body and help with the food intolerances I have developed over the years. 1,051 more words

Gluten Free