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Day 12 - September 25 2017

After a lazy start to the morning resulted in me hitting snooze and not getting out this morning, we’re back with a bang this evening with our longest little run yet. 136 more words

Day 10 - September 23 2017

A change of scenery on a sunny Saturday as I shake off the fact that I really can’t be bothered and head out around the country lanes of Botley (just outside Southampton for those of us who are geographically challenged). 104 more words

Day 9 - September 22 2017

Day 9 is a Friday and what better way to celebrate than going out jogging before work? Right??

Same again today as I head down to the Marina, working on the conditioning so keeping the 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 minute ratio at the moment. 67 more words

Day 8 - September 21 2017

Been a bit lax on this so uploading days in bulk here.

Rest day today, one love.

Just Giving

Total: 8.5 miles

Day 7 - September 20 2017

Back at it again this morning.

Winter is coming, most definitely. It’s dark this morning as I’m out hitting the pavement.

Taking it up a little today. 81 more words

Day 6 - September 19 2017

Rest day again today, oooh baby.

Still, feeling pretty fresh as I go off to work.

Always apparently really hungry on weekdays the day after I’ve been out running, and there’s only so many apples you can eat. 71 more words

Day 5 - September 18 2017

After a productive Sunday spent watching TV and baking bread, we’re back to reality with a bump on Monday with an early morning run.

The legs are a little tight this morning though, which isn’t much fun. 118 more words