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Week 5 - The Lethargic Lonely Road.

This week didn’t pan out quite as I wanted. I am still yet to get out for 4 runs in a week and this was due to a mixture of feeling lethargic and the heat! 519 more words


Week 4 - British Weather and yet more expense!

Running really isn’t a cheap sport! Another £13.98 spent this week (after last week’s £32 for the Great Newham Run entry), this time on a Parkrun barcode bracelet so I no longer have to carry a paper one in my one and only (butt) pocket! 350 more words


Week 2 - Preparation and getting on with it.

Running is something we can all do. It’s free. Just put on your running gear and trainers, walk out the front door, then off you go. 350 more words


For Those About To Run, I Salute You

Marathon season is drawing to a close. A lot of people I know have been out and about, running all through winter, getting their miles in, and training hard for one big day where they have to run 26.2 miles. 1,682 more words


Week 1 - It has begun......

I have passed my first challenge. I got up Saturday morning and ran great lines park run. 5km or 3.1 miles in the bag. 496.9 to go! 338 more words


I Proclaim, I will run 500 miles…………to Brighton

Or to the Brighton Marathon at least, but I couldn’t resist getting the song into your head! But this is my challenge – do at least 500 miles on foot in training and on race day, to get across that finish line at the Brighton Marathon on 15th April 2018. 707 more words


Am I getting slower.............and is this a good thing?

I have read time and time again, that to get better as a long distance endurance athlete you need to run/cycle/swim more slowly.

The idea is that I should be exercising at an intensity that I could hold a conversation with somebody.   466 more words