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Give a dog a bone?

Yes definitely, if it leads to this amazing Featherstone Kite Flying Machine currently on display at Brighton Museum. 


Made by Emett, the man who created Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, here we have another of his magical inventions.   128 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Please park your crocodile

  before bathing.    

Thank you..

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Brighton - Out And About

Cheating the birds!

I netted the blackcurrants on my one and only bush this year thus cheating the birds of a midsummer treat. Now I feel guilty at every bite of the lovely summer pudding I’ve just made!   157 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Grabbing the day!

Sometimes I don’t grab the day but defrost the freezer when the sun is shining.  How silly is that now we are faced with such gloomy weather today. 226 more words

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Fragility - a life and death experience

An amazing exhibition at Fabrica the former church and now a space for art in the heart of Brighton, gives us Fragility.  A new site-specific work commissioned by Fabrica from Macedonian born and now Brighton resident, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva. 484 more words

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The Kipling Gardens in all their glory







Rottingdean Preservation Society have published a colourful guide to the Kipling Gardens. This useful reference pamphlet, written by Evan Murphie the head gardener, and Valerie Whittle of RPS is full of interesting information about the Gardens. 71 more words

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


All this on route to our starter plot allotment on the Weald.  As for crops we’ve got  artichokes, onions, garlic and raspberries. It’s a bit tough digging things up when it’s sweltering but the place is just heaven

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