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A Sad Goodbye to Farthings


–  after twenty years. Not that anyone has ever been able to buy something for the old currency of a farthing but what a lovely place this has been. 174 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Living in the moment.



          – the flutter of wings, the man with the bag of seed, a lone musician.

The Pavilion Gardens

Brighton - Out And About

What would we have done without Alice?

Our family never stopped performing with characters from Alice in Wonderland. Today marks the anniversary of the day Lewis Carroll was born on 27th February 1832. 109 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Dancing Skeletons Re-discovered

A tiny bit of footage from entertainment of the late 50s and 60s- a more innocent age?  My mother and I were trying to re- create some of our cabaret act all of 20 years ago! 185 more words

Brighton - Out And About

How time flies when you are...


earning a living, mothering, caring, studying, making films, teaching,
painting, gardening, laughing, blogging, shopping, changing the duvet.


de-cluttering,  doing aqua aerobics, watching sunsets, chatting, laughing, 41 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Real Angels and Dogs at Christmas etc.

There were real angels in Hove in George Street the other 
day, singing their hearts out for the homeless. Not sure all these dogs spotted around town were really enjoying the last of the Christmas shopping. 192 more words

Brighton - Out And About

To Troubadour despite Southern Trains...

Monday –  sat in the One shop to get a ticket to London along with others hoping their trip to the panto was not on a strike day! 998 more words

Brighton - Out And About