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Gig Preview special

I know we made a gig preview post at the start of May, but there’s a couple of events this weekend that we didn’t have full details over before, but also deserve a special separate post. 195 more words


Brighton's street art

Gdyby tak bardziej się na Brightońskich malunkach skoncentrował przy ostatniej wizycie to by pewnie więcej perełek znalazł. Jest gdzie oko zawiesić :)

Just a taste, as it was a short visit aimed at something else. 22 more words


Brighton Housing

Leading down to Brighton’s Beach in the UK. I expected a more down at the heels type resort city. Comes from reading too many 1960’s police procedurals. 10 more words


How BHT and our partners saved the lives of rough sleepers over the winter months

What wonderful weather we are enjoying at the moment.  Even my white legs have made an appearance.  The forecast is for another hot, sunny Bank Holiday weekend which means, inevitably, that it will rain! 268 more words


The 2004 Playoff Final Brighton vs Bristol City - A victory built on solid foundations but one with sharp front teeth

30th May 2004 – That day in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium will always be a special memory for me. It was my first cup final experience as a Brighton fan and currently the only one, unless you count the Sussex Senior Cup that is. 2,378 more words


Brighton, U.K

Having left Brighton permanently earlier this year, I thought I would do a round-up of places that are cool to visit or see. I have to admit, I feel like I did not explore the city as much as I should have. 729 more words