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The World's Largest Store:The Story Of MACY'S

Next week, we will all be celebrating Thanksgiving, one of the best holidays of all, where we give thanks for all of the most wonderful blessings and freedoms that we have; And of course, Thanksgiving is not without a parade, as in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and yes, I have mentioned Macy’s here in today’s post, because we are going to shed our American company spotlight on the store that has been helping to sponsor this Great American parade for almost 90 years… 623 more words

A birthday look at Chester Alan Arthur, a forgotten President

This is from the National Constitution Center.

If you are a presidential historian or a fan of facial hair, you probably know a little about Chester Alan Arthur. 731 more words

Thomas Wilson, The Man Who Loved Nellie

Thomas  C. Wilson, sometimes T.C. Wilson, was the man who loved Nellie Sheridan enough to wait fifteen years before marrying her so that she could keep her position as postmistress.   1,219 more words

Perry County

Grampa, by scent

Here is another prose poem, written during a time when poems simply leaked out of my heart and all I could do was grab a pen and write them down. 373 more words

Verses From The Heart

Warner's Safe Cure: Marketing is Everything!

Although H. H. Warner lost control of his Safe Cure empire in 1893 as the result of a history of bad investments, against which he leveraged the business that had made him a household name, his brand name endured for decades. 339 more words

H. H. Warner

Trifolium repens L.

Trifolium repens L.

Ne shqip njihet si Trifili zvarrites dhe gjendet ne vende me bar. Perdoret ne forme infuzi per te trajtuar temperaturat e larta, problemet me kollen dhe te ftohtin. 34 more words

Plants Diversity / Diversiteti Bimor

Stories from psychiatry's past: 'between danger and disease'

Research is gradually uncovering the intracacies of the relationship between our bodies and our brains, and it is clear that the former has more sway over our minds and mental state than is commonly acknowledged. 824 more words

History Of Medicine