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IN the French film “And God Created Woman,” which came to the Paris yesterday, Exhibit A is “B. B.,” the currently beloved Brigitte Bardot. This round and voluptuous little French miss is put on spectacular display and is rather brazenly ogled from every allowable point of view. 92 more words


Brigitte Bardot 'Doctor at Sea' 1955

As their first British venture in VistaVision, the Rank studios play safe with a sequel to Doctor in the House, but Doctor at Sea… 67 more words


Brigitte Bardot animal rights activist

FBB (Fondation Brigitte Bardot) is the leading animal protection NGO in France, with its own sanctuary in Normandy, Mare Azou, and alliances throughout the world to which FBB lends its considerable expertise and resources, to protect animals from exploitation and cruelty: from beagles in Croatia to Baby Harp Seals in Canada. 35 more words


50 Famous Vegetarians: Their Thoughts and Reasons for Doing So

I thought that some of you might enjoy this article I found on ProCon.org, entitled 50 Famous Vegetarians. And by vegetarian – for those of you who may not be sure of what this means exactly, they are referring to people who refrain from eating animals and sometimes other animal products, very often for moral, religious, or health reasons. 131 more words

Monday Muse: Dress Like Brigitte Bardot

This week’s Monday Muse is Brigitte Bardot, the blonde bombshell who rocked the bee hive and cat eye (more in my blog post ’60s half up and half down hair do’ 375 more words


Vadim was both my teacher and my husband. I placed myself entirely in his hands. – Brigitte Bardot http://ift.tt/1NAGQar

Brigitte Bardot