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Dj KingFox [B.n.P.B.] - “SEm CONTa PAm Da Funana freestyle”

Smash all chandeliers with hammer or bat, broom handle or shovel; the specifics don’t matter so long a glorious mess is made by the end of it all. 149 more words


tyrus. - “respek [Demo]” (Produced by tyrus, dauphin amir)

Mind of the devil with the body of an angle, the femme that is most fatal has a heartbeat that you won’t hear coming. Killing fascists, while tugging at heartstrings, try to keep up if you want any loving from a lover known to be physical; fingers sent dancing in a manner that would bring blushing tones to all Vatican II officials. 80 more words


Vamos falar sobre gênero?

Sabe aquela convenção antiga de que menino usa azul e menina rosa? Ou pior: menina usa várias cores, mas menino não pode, vai ferir a masculinidade dele. 262 more words

Reflexão Sobre A Prática

Demon Beatzz RecordZz - “Carnaval sambila 2018 PDDG”

The calendar is missing an entry. In the face of a new day and week, month and year, the careful observer of time cannot help but notice a glaring absence on the grid. 87 more words


Deejay Poco Louco - “Sai Di Strada”

It’s a full count, which wouldn’t normally be a problem but Sellers walked the batter to load the bases. Called in to clean up a mess, Sellers’ room for ever narrowed from slim to none. 136 more words


Dj CiroFox - “Buurt Dance (BHENGA)”

Cicadas are an affliction not to be wished upon even your worst enemies. Ten thousand more suitable options are available before resorting to complete and utter savagery. 101 more words


Puto_NeLo. - “ilusão 2018”

Coaches don’t seem to enjoy being wet and sticky in the cold weather. It’s hard to explain, but from the viewer’s standpoint it almost seems as though that man – yeah, the one in the visor carrying a clipboard in one hand and a very expensive headset/microphone combination in the other – does not want to be covered in artificial flavoring. 82 more words