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The Height of the Roman Empire

The greatest height of the Roman Empire was reached on the evening of August 12th, 121 C.E. in the seaside city of Brundisium, in the province of Italia. 1,163 more words


Making Brindisi

Making a toast is the global recognition of friendship, truce and merriment –  wherever you go in the world there is a ritual devoted to the process of coming together with your friends, old and new, and raising a glass to health. 414 more words


Puglian street

Brindisi’s streets almost have a Cuban vibe!

Brindisi (Puglia) – 2016


When in Rome

When I say I live abroad, many of my friends might think that I’m actually holed up in a shed in the middle of nowhere with an excellent internet connection and that I simply copy and paste images from the web, pretending that I’m in a given place. 2,202 more words


Friends Under Tension - Weekly Photo Challenge

Man’s best friend is easily distracted.  Shot with Leica M9, Ricoh GRD and Olympus OM 4 in Venice and Brindisi.