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The Hands-Down Best Way To Brine Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Let’s talk turkey. If you’re a zealot like myself, you’ve already planned out your Thanksgiving menu, tested any newcomers to your spread, and written a shopping list for when you head to the grocery store ready to throw elbows for the best bird. 15 more words

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Pickled Jalapenos

With my first batch of pickles done, I knew I had opened the flood gates for a barrage of new pickling endeavors. I always have store-bought ones in my fridge, so I was excited to see what they would taste like making them at home. 379 more words


The Ocean

Goodbyes were final. They rolled off the tongue like brine and though I vowed never to be here again, here I stood, an ocean in… 221 more words


Brined Pork Chops

A nice juicy pork chop is such a treat, but getting it done to that juicy stage of perfection can be difficult.   Left on the heat even a moment too long results in a dry tasteless piece of meat.   280 more words

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Brined Turkey with bacon

I was interrupted while making our Thanksgiving dinner today. I got a call from home care, telling me that there had been a sick call, and no one would be able to do the meal assist with my mother.  790 more words


Pickle-Brined Fish & Chips

I’ve never brined a protein before – and after this recipe, I’m regretting not experimenting with brining sooner.

I’ve only heard the pros of the brining method, mostly from people who regularly brine their Thanksgiving turkeys. 647 more words


Carolina Reaper Pickles

Homemade, spicy pickles are fermenting in my fridge as we speak.

My boyfriend is a genius for buying a pickle starter set – along with a cheese and hot sauce starter set – for my birthday. 608 more words