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Book Review: Bring Up the Bodies

Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, Picador, 2012, 406 pp.

After finishing Wolf Hall, I couldn’t wait to dive in to Bring Up the Bodies… 375 more words

Book Review

How did people talk 500 years ago?

Problem: my medieval characters, whether they are Barons or peasants, all sound pretty much the same.

Solution A: Time travel.

As I can’t beam myself back 500 years, Solution A is a fail. 678 more words

The Girl From Oto

'Bring Up the Bodies' by Hilary Mantel

The sequel to Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies is, thankfully, more of the same. It simply continues where the earlier novel left off. 796 more words


Hilary Mantel Re-invents the Historical Novel with Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies

British writer Hilary Mantel has taken the literary world by storm by writing back to back award- winning novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, … 1,046 more words


Missing Wolf Hall to See Wolf Hall

At first, I regretted that the crowd was shouting louder, wasn’t giving out the sort of orgasmic screams you hear at the opera after an aria, because I wanted Ben Miles – the entire cast of… 1,336 more words

Currently, Costume Dramas

I’ve written here before – many times – about my love of costume dramas, specifically of the British variety. I got hooked my senior year of college, in the early days of my Netflix subscription, when I returned hungover as fuck from spring break and burned through Cranford in the 24 hours before my roommates returned, crying my eyes out while watching little old ladies stir up mischief in an English market town on the brink of the industrial era. 704 more words


2015 weeks! #12: pyjama time and other things

Sebastian has been doing woodwork this term and this is the result – a new dice box!

Temporarily felled by virus I spent Tuesday on the couch. 293 more words