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Bringing History to Life Again

Three years ago I wrote a post called Bringing History to Life, about Hilary Mantel’s two masterpieces, Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies… 439 more words

Anne Boleyn

“Jane rises. A stiff rustle from the carnation sprigs. She leans over the king’s chair and taps the back of his hand: briskly, as if she were testing a cheese.”

-Hilary Mantel



You’d think I’d know better, but I’m willing to let other people profit from my own mistake, and learn the rule I’m seemingly incapable of following myself, which is: … 747 more words

BRING UP THE BODIES - Hilary Mantel (2012)

Reviewing a sequel is a bit harder: you can’t spoil too much for readers that haven’t read the previous book, and there’s the danger of just repeating oneself if the books are similar. 1,481 more words


Hilary Mantel and the Blurred Lines of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a unique genre. History and fiction come together and blur the lines of reality. For many, historical fiction can be an escape from the reality of modern times. 572 more words

Historical Fiction

English Literature has always been my favourite subject, by a country mile, but if I had to pick a second option then it definitely would have been history. 664 more words


Film Review: Wolf Hall

  • Title: Wolf Hall
  • Director: Peter Kosminsky
  • Released: 2015

Wolf Hall is the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, the historical novels by Hilary Mantel. 487 more words