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A New Day, A New Dawn, A New Life ~ Bringers of the Dawn

Find truth as it resonates with you.  A message from the Pleiades by Barbara Marciniak

Barbara Marciniak

Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Family of Light, This is Who YOU Are and What is Going on NOW!

This is MY Bible, Bringers of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, the book that God Guided me to thirteen years ago when… 190 more words

Stuff God Wants You To Know

The Apocalypse. It's not just a catch-phrase. It's HERE.

The Apocalypse. It’s not just a catch-phrase. It’s HERE.

It means “The Unveiling.”  Creator’s big raising of the curtain to show humanity THE TRUTH about who they are and what’s going on.  108 more words


Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak


This is a bit old but still one of the most valuable works around globe.

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. 29 more words


Shifting Currents.

This is a HUGE rebeginning for me.  This is the first post of my new blog about my new self.  Since a massive physical PURGE on the Equinox four days ago, I am wholly and completely a NEW and UPGRADED version of myself, and this is where I want to tell the tale of what that’s like.  1,228 more words

Welcome to the 5th Dimension - Pleiadian Message to Humanity 2013!

Earth Rising message 2013. MUST SEE! New message from the Pleiadians for the humanity of planet earth. Important message for the lightworkers, the family of light and the members of the bringers of the dawn.