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Models or Athletes? What's your view Wednesday...103 more days

Two days and two workouts down.  That’s more progress than I have made since my son’s birth! Now I know what some of you might be thinking, I am crazy to think that I could get into the same shape as a Victoria’s Secret Model.   295 more words


Girl Crush Tuesday 104 days....

I have always had a girl crush on Victoria’s Secret Models. Not in an “I want to have an affair with any of them” way, but in an “I would like to be like them kind of way”. 557 more words


Hello world!

This is your my first post for this blog.  I am attempting to shape up Victoria’s Secret Angel Style by following the workouts those ladies swear by, and by upping my beauty regime to match.   90 more words


Bringing Sexy Back Voting Is Open

As I mentioned in my last post, I entered the BSB Poster Girl Contest. I am on a page that features some of my sexiest friends and idols, including my loves Iris & Jamers (two of the sexiest women I know). 366 more words

Bringing Sexy Back...Poster Girl?

I’ve always liked UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back endeavor, although I do sort of subscribe to the idea that sexy can be all the time, if you want it to be. 707 more words

Young Woman Is "Bringing Sexy Back" In Suburbia...

  … Or maybe…. NOT!

Yet again, reports suggest there is definitely NO way of making soggy pajama pants look sexy… Unless, of course, you take them off… 12 more words

Daily News

Alcohol can not only have a profound effect upon the individual but it can also be detrimental for those around them. Part One.

As I continue to delve into the dark and murky crypt that is the archives, I bring you a tale of debauchery and sin. A story of such grave magnitude that one cannot help but be disgusted by such wantonness and lasciviousness…OK, It’s just a story of me being drunk. 789 more words