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Fruit Salad, The Knitter's Guild & Fajitas

Tomorrow, at my office, starts the week of recognition for a certain department. I have a cubicle in this department, but I’m not a part of that department. 454 more words


Brioche, purls, and ripping 

Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry is a brioche knitted hat. I’m new to brioche in the round. Needless to say, I’ve ripped it a few times now. 274 more words


Brioche Challah bread

I have always wanted to make this bread. After a week of training at work, I was able to make up two loaves.

The left is a three strand braid and the right is a six strand braid. 21 more words


The THAW Bakery

The THAW Bakery is the new kid in town, and they’re proving to be a good match for Winnipeg. With their Instagram-worthy matcha brioche, they have that new thing we’re always craving—for our mouths and our social feeds. 252 more words


Hamburgers with Brioche Buns

It’s tempting to open this post by talking about the ubiquity of the hamburger. How, thanks to the combination of the tinderbox of social media and touchpaper of the well-trodden road from food-truck, to popup, to flagship restaurant, to national chain, burgers have become passé, cliched and frankly irritating. 907 more words