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Learning to bake with daddyPrimate: Brioche, because this is the bread to bake if you have to wake up super early on a day off.

Brioche, buttery delicious brioche. The bread that seems to have a perfect use for everything. Good toasted, good plain, divine straight out of the oven. Easy to make, rich, always a crowd pleaser. 392 more words


Keep Busy and Keep Going

Sometimes the best you can do is to just keep moving in the general direction of where you want to end up.  Then the next thing you notice you are already well on your way to a pile of stuff that somehow managed to get done. 241 more words


Tahini Brioche

Baking bread is one of my favorite weekend activities. It is therapeutic and rewarding. You mix up a bunch of ingredients, and at the end you have a gorgeous, handmade loaf of bread. 215 more words

Between the Buns

Warm tin foil cushions soft brioche buns and lets everything inside melt together perfectly. Simple circular graphics of cheese, lettuce, burgers and sauces freckle the walls and tables in bright color. 412 more words


Si fa presto a dire "cornetto"...

Si fa in fretta a dire “cornetto”. C’è poi chi lo chiama “brioche”, chi “croissant” ma, diciamoci la verità, quanti veramente sanno distinguere tra queste tre delizie di pasticceria? 251 more words


Take-out Tuesday, Brioche Bites with Raspberry Mustard

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’ve heard the old sayings, “You eat with your eyes first,” and “Presentation is everything…”

Well, that’s what this dish is all about, … 338 more words

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Creme Brûlée French Toast

I love and adore French Toast. It’s always my pick over waffles and pancakes. I do consider myself a French Toast snob since it has to be really good or I will have eggs. 226 more words