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SANDY BARRIE - Re-united with his photo treasures

Over 3 years ago photo historian and collector Sandy Barrie lost much of his extensive photo collection in the floods that inundated Ipswich and Brisbane.

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Wot Happened On This Day

trains update

You may recall the graffitied trains I got a photo of a while back. When the floods hit, the majority of Queensland Rails trains were sent to high ground. 91 more words

Late welcome to 2011

Like all of us on the east side of this large country, we had a sodden start to the year. However things have kicked off and 2011 at Brave is shaping up to be full of wonder and excitement. 80 more words

Brave Creative

The Kindness of Strangers

If that Sunday afternoon feeling has already descended, the realisation, in Joe Strummer’s immortal words, that “Monday is coming like a jail on wheels… 123 more words

Wild creatures

The flood has brought interesting creatures to our place, like this frog that found a new home in our front yard! We also found an echidna just across from our place but unfortunately it didn’t make it.

Claudia Owen

Our place

It’s been really scary watching the water rise right in front of our place. This is the closest I’ve come from having a river front property in Brisbane. 103 more words

Claudia Owen

Brisbane river rises

It’s been quite a spectacle watching the river rising. These are some of the crowds that have gathered to watch the river. I think many people are amazed by the enormity of if all and can’t believe it’s really happening at the same time.

Claudia Owen