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Brisbane Buildings

Next weekend is Brisbane Open House, where many iconic Brisbane buildings are open to the public to visit and learn a bit history about. It’s a really nice idea and is a great opportunity for both locals and tourists to find out more about this city. 175 more words


Boggo Road Gaol: the story of a dramatic escape

Well hello there everyone. Would you look at that. She’s back!

I wrote in my last blog update that I had been away for a bit but was back to writing weekly blogs… that was a few months ago and this is now terribly awkward. 603 more words


I Love Rugby League

Ok… So before you read on, let me give you a little warning about this post.

  1. It’s all about the great sport that is Rugby League.
  2. 404 more words

My first month in Australia!

Today is the 4th of October, which means that I have been in Australia for exactly one month now. For me that’s a pretty crazy statement. 349 more words


Gypsy Brewers! Croft Brewing

How would you define the term “gypsy brewer”? Essentially, gypsy brewing is a form of contract brewing in where a brewer with no premises or equipment of their own rents fermenter space with an established location to be able to produce their product. 752 more words


Story City

I’ve just wrapped up my recent project, working as a writer for Story City– an interactive choose-your-own adventure story app.

Story City was started by the wonderful Emily Craven as a way of celebrating the cities we live and play in through digital locative storytelling. 279 more words