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“It takes  you to a different time and place.”

During a long work loaded week there is one thing (other than sleep) that I always look forward too. 353 more words


I'm doing the Bridge to Brisbane!

I’m not really into running. Why? Too much movement, essentially. When I run I get shin splints and thigh chaffing. Not particularly pleasant!

But, I acknowledge that running can be good for one’s health, and weight loss. 111 more words


Lamington National Park Day 

Yesterday afternoon we explored a little bit of Brisbane before having an early night to catch up on some lost sleep from travelling the night before. 448 more words


Ship ahoy!

A pirate ship appears to have sailed up the Brisbane River and docked at Southbank.

It is actually Notorious, a replica of a 15th century caravelle. 181 more words


Little Miss Muffet... by SanhitaBanerjee by SanhitaBanerjee

Please dial H and M for a better view…

I am not sure if this little Kookaburra was a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ but this is the title that came into my mind as soon as I saw its pose :) 8 more words

Animals | Little Miss Muffet...

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Please dial H and M for a better view… 36 more words


Friday Night on Mt. Coo-Tha

As darkness falls and Brisbane’s skyline puts its pretty face on, streams of people gather at the top of Brisbane’s nearby mountain, Mt. Coo-Tha. Groups of tourists, first dates, and couples lean against the railing, soaking in the atmosphere of the never-sleeping city beneath them. 40 more words