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Bionic Puppy

You know what’s unfair?

Being left in the house while Human Daddy takes your boyfriend for a brisk walk, that’s what!

I can do “brisk,” too. 23 more words

Tea Talk: Bottled Tea? Good or Bad?

Most of us see bottled drinks and we try to be healthy and not pick up a cola, but are the teas any better?

I took 3 different brands of tea that are sold in shops/vending machines and both tasted them, and read through the nutrition information. 415 more words

This is why skatelady is crazy aka glimpse to my Monday

I work as a freelancer, and to a certain limit, I can fix my own schedules. I worked on Saturday, Sunday was too wet to skate, so I decided Monday morning would be my perfect skating time – miniramp would likely to be empty at that time, and skateboarding would give an energetic start for the new week. 386 more words


WPC: Against the Odds - The Wind

This swallowtail butterfly resolutely clings to the flowers and beats his wings feverishly against a very brisk wind. We watched him for several minutes and he never budged from the spot. 32 more words


I Want

I want:

your abderian~incessant laughter

your bohemian~carefree spirit

your chrysalis~protective covering

your demiurge~creative entity

your eleutherian~freedom giving

your felicity~intense happiness

your gargalesis~heavy tickling

your hardihood~boldness audacity…

77 more words


Christmas has happened. And Christmas has not happened. It came and went but without much fanfare. Or maybe with much fanfare. The family gathering was to be Christmas Eve. 395 more words