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2016, September 27 - 1964 - autumn 9

cold shadows of black (5)
sunny exposures of warmth (7)
the small breeze can’t mix (5)


Emilia Clarke - And then I fell over. Or rather a brisk 50mph N.Irish wind ...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Emilia Clarke – And then I fell over. 26 more words

WALK:Week Thirty of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with the Letter " W"

Walking is my favorite form of exercise.  I am not talking of brisk walking, though at times I am forced to do it.  From time to time I do hit the treadmill, have one at home.   280 more words

Journey With "W"

D'mitry encounters a bear

Remember those times when I kept using wrestling bears as an analogy for being awesome? Well I found a D’mitry-sized Canadian bear and it posed with him in the forest because that’s where bears and dinosaurs belong, right? 68 more words

Me love you oolong time

Kid’s don’t know much about tea. Unless it’s iced, sugared and marketed as ‘brisk’. It takes maturity to appreciate the delicateness of tea. Its meditative qualities. 315 more words


Brisk Beard Shampoo

So pretty much once a day I get asked about my beard and what oils and wax etc I use.

My answer is often whatever’s lying around, but what I’m never asked is how I wash them out! 308 more words


so brisk

something breath taken

and when it was the answer of the clouds

and moons dance with coins

and shine on the heart

and when it was the  touching… 44 more words