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WPC: Against the Odds - The Wind

This swallowtail butterfly resolutely clings to the flowers and beats his wings feverishly against a very brisk wind. We watched him for several minutes and he never budged from the spot. 32 more words



Another Wordless Wednesday

I Want

I want:

your abderian~incessant laughter

your bohemian~carefree spirit

your chrysalis~protective covering

your demiurge~creative entity

your eleutherian~freedom giving

your felicity~intense happiness

your gargalesis~heavy tickling

your hardihood~boldness audacity…

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Christmas has happened. And Christmas has not happened. It came and went but without much fanfare. Or maybe with much fanfare. The family gathering was to be Christmas Eve. 395 more words


Brisk: (adj) active,fast and energetic

Twice–perhaps three times.

But very infrequently.

There are just a few occasions when I found myself breaking into a run and feeling the air zoom by my face, suddenly propelled to a sensation of briskly passing over the surface of the Earth. 160 more words

B Words

Paradise's Monotony

Promise of April, joy of May, Ice covered puddles, crystallizing display.
Mornings so brisk masquerading as cold Displace joyfully as blossoms unfold.
The peaks and troughs, ups and downs That come with four seasons as sun Earth circles round. 194 more words


2016, November 18 - 2160 - autumn 18

trees are nearly bare (5)
the gusting wind blows stronger (7)
sun is hard to find (5)