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Dead fish and New fry

This week we have had a few changes to our tank…

We lost one of our Bristlenose – not sure why, all fish have been looking very healthy. 116 more words

BN Pleco & Corydoras Type & Size Chart & Price List

So many people have been asking me about my Bristle-nose Ancistrus and their price.  I though I would post it here! You can print it on a .PDF,  If interested email me at… 30 more words

Tropical Fish

Check us out on "AQUA-BID"

Check us out on “AQUA-BID”! We have multiple auctions on the Aqua-bid Web site (http://www.aquabid.com/) under the name “rcbows” ! You can buy and sell your fish here. 95 more words


Fish list 12-31-2013 (Current End of 2013)

Current Fish List: Posted on April 15, 2014, (78) Tanks (1094.5 Gallons of Fish Tanks). I have included the common names of most fish in this posting, for those that don’t like using the scientific names. 450 more words


Day 1: 2/8/13

Well; this is my first blog and I’m a bit unsure where to start…

I have decided to create a blog to share my journey with you. 54 more words


Baby Bristlies

I’m happy to report that my pair of albino Bristle-nosed Plecostomus has made babies. Not very many, I counted only four, but I am thrilled to see the cute little ones scurrying around the tank. 168 more words


Bristlenose Plecos move in together

After selling the baby Angels I have a little tank space again!

I put my two Bristlenose Plecos together yesterday. The male is a short-fin albino and the female is a long-fin albino. 182 more words