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Bristol City Council fails to prevent a marked increase in commercial 'visual clutter' on our streets

Bristol City Council has allowed a proliferation of brightly lit commercial advertisements throughout the city center, failing to stand up to central government and advertisers in defense of our city’s unique culture. 522 more words


Conservation Areas: 50 years on, are they still fit for purpose?

Conservation areas were established 50 years ago this year, through the introduction of the Civic Amenities Act in 1967. In many respects the Act was a response to the post war planning decisions that communities felt were made in disregard to the historic character of places. 1,251 more words


Where Are They Now? Part 3 - Anna Klonowski (Update)

It is with great pleasure we bring the news that karma seems to be a fully functioning phenomena as we understand the serial highly paid local government diva… 179 more words

Urgent help needed to water new trees

The soil around the roots of each tree was so dry that (despite the recent rain) it would now take a lot of water to become hydrated.  255 more words

Street Trees

Sheffield / Bristol

A far too short visit to Sheffield DocFest to chair a panel on the US market with a stellar line up: https://sheffdocfest.com/sessions/5412

A really interesting take on the new opportunities of the factual landscape, especially in the US. 530 more words

Bristol Trees in Crisis III - BTF Emergency Meeting - 6.00 to 8.00 pm, Tuesday 4th July, Bristol City Hall

The meeting will discuss and consider:

  • The Council’s consultation on its recent decision to stop maintaining street trees in the city.
  • The consequences of this should the decision not be reversed.
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Trees under threat at the Eastgate Centre - Comments so far...

  1. This proposal flies in the face of the objective of the city council to double tree canopy cover in a generation.
  2. There is clear evidence that climate change is in part being driven by the city heat island effect.
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