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Sarah Palin Wears Her Daughter's Clothes

Sarah Palin, not 24, elected to wear head-to-toe pieces borrowed from the closet of her daughter Bristol, 24, for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special. 125 more words


'This is HILARIOUS': CNN hack Carol Costello wonders if Brian Williams will be disciplined

Remember CNN’s Carol Costello? She’s the CNN anchor who, when she found out Bristol Palin had possibly been assaulted,Ā couldn’t help but laugh.


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Convention of the States or a Constitutional Convention?

There’s an odd meme floating around the internets that an Article V “Convention of the States” is not the same thing as a constitutional convention. The key to this thought is in the Constitution’s Article V language that–on a textual reading–limits such a convention to proposing amendments to the Constitution. 757 more words

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