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Starbucks' holiday cups: Anatomy of an outrage

Chances are you’ve seen the news about this year’s holiday cups at Starbucks.

Rather than continuing past design trends and having snowflakes or ornaments on the cup, it’s a gradient red with the only decoration being the company logo. 1,044 more words


Schooling Bristol Palin About Respecting Authority

Dear Bristol,

You seem like a well intentioned and well meaning young woman. However, your commentaries on current events especially when it has to do with race is very naive and tunnel visioned. 2,074 more words

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There is no excuse for child abuse: Senior Deputy Ben Fields Assaults Teen

There is no excuse for child abuse.   Senior Deputy dehumanized a teenage girl. The viral video of his acts are reminiscing to the stories of the dehumanization of the Africans during slavery. 465 more words


Bristol Palin-Really, Who Cares!

Why with all that’s honored and blessed in this world, are we giving even a minute to what Bristol Palin thinks? Have we stooped so low that this imbecilic woman who lacks any kind of education or thought processes, who’s greatest experience was being on two episodes of… 492 more words


AS PREDICTED: Obama Backs Away From Meeting With 'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed

“I don’t believe that the president will have the opportunity to meet with meet one-on-one with Ahmed Mohamed.”

— White House press secretary Josh Ernest… 139 more words


Bristol Palin Reveals Second Baby's Gender At Almost 8 Months Along -- Pic

So, it’s a baby girl, eh? Bristol Palin took to her blog to announce that she is in fact, expecting her first daughter. The news comes after the outspoken young mother bashed the government for allowing young girls to get birth control. 409 more words

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