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Cosby is Disgraced, and Jones and Mike Predict Future Falls From Grace

Oh how the might have fallen, as Mr. Pudding Pops faces the fall out from the release of a 2005 court deposition in which he confesses to feeding young women quaaludes, Jones and Mike discuss other well-known individuals, i.e. 125 more words

Jones And Mike

"The Facts Are Staring Us In The Face": GOP Lawmakers Vote To Increase Unplanned Pregnancy Rate

In early July, Colorado’s success with free long-acting contraceptives was trumpeted by news media. The New York Times called the results “startling” and “stunning.” “Colorado’s free birth control experiment could change the world,” raved… 660 more words


How Conservatives Helped Ruin the "Sanctity of Marriage"

When one is deprived of one’s liberty, one is right in blaming not so much the man who puts the fetters on as the one who had the power to prevent him, but did not use it. 2,155 more words


Slut Shaming or Why Bristol Palin is NOT a slut.

Let’s discuss… what is a “slut”?
I’m sure many of us have used this word in disgust at a woman we don’t like.  Maybe thrown this word out after a woman sleeps with a man we like or simply find attractive.  767 more words

Ok, I’m not talking WITH her, I’m just talking TO her.

Bristol Palin is pregnant again.

However, lest any of you judgy-mcjudgerson’s want to pass a verdict down from your lofty bench of responsibility, abstinence, or safe sex-i-ness, she planned the pregnancy this time. 703 more words

Video Dirty On The 30: Ben & Jen's Divorce, Iggy & Britney's Beef, and Bristol's New Baby

On this week’s Video Dirty On The 30:

– Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce. :( The alleged reasons for the split will make you sad. 86 more words


The Hypocrisy of Bristol Palin and the Liberal Media

Speaking for We the People, I have heard far more than enough about Bristol Palin. Her being Sarah Palin’s daughter has, since 2008, landed her one undeserved opportunity after another, ensuring that she remains a presence in the national media, the same national media that her mother despises, or at least publicly claims to despise. 471 more words