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23 April - On This Day In History


1564 William Shakespeare (playwright). Also died on this day of the year, 1616


2007 Boris Yeltsin (1st President of the Russian Federation)

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The Metric System was not invented by the French

The Metric System of measures was introduced by the First French Republic in 1799 and has developed into the SI system (International System of Units) recognised as the official measuring system of most countries around the world. 131 more words


#Brexit: Proposed US-UK Trade Deal Slammed as 'TTIP On Steroids'

Proposed US-UK Trade Deal Slammed as ‘TTIP On Steroids’

A new report says the proposed US-UK trade deal promised by Trump will be “TTIP on steroids,” bringing in “corporate courts,” privatization of health services and a threat to climate change, Sputnik has been told. 538 more words


Fairytale castle of King Arthur

I love watching my children play out their fantasy world. My daughter Lilly twirls in a glittery dress and tiara, then helps her brother Winston to tussle with fire-breathing dragons. 272 more words


How Does Black Hair Reflect Black History ?

This BBC article by Rumeana Jahangir gives a high-level explanation of the stylings and significance of Black hair from the beginning of civilization to our contemporary culture. 150 more words

Black Hair

GENERAL ELECTION 2017... Conservative? Labour? Lib Dems?

So Theresa May has done a U-turn and called for a general election to apparently give stable leadership to the Brexit negotiations. While I personally favour a softer Brexit and welcome an opportunity for people to decide on the Brexit they want seeing as there is a divide between a soft or hard brexit, it can’t be forgotten that the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to allow the PM to go ahead with the negotiations and trigger article 50 and Theresa May has consistently stated that she wouldn’t call an election precisely for ‘stability’, so it does seem more motive driven. 528 more words