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Corbyn: Pro-Immigration Against anti-Migrants - of 'Left' and Right.

Immigration Controls: from pro-Brexit ‘left’ to Rachel Reeves’ Dire Warnings. 

Nothing illustrates the often artificial divisions between Left and Right in the labour and socialist movement than the issues of immigration and migration. 906 more words

European Left

"Perfect Wives In Ideal Homes": British women in the 1950s

“Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes: The Story of Women in the 1950s” by Virginia Nicholson, Viking, 2015

Virginia Nicholson tells the story of women in the 1950s: a time, when divorce spelled scandal, two-piece swimsuits caused mass alarm and the only thing women were expected to do after finishing school, was to get married. 329 more words

The Story of Post-Brexit Britain

The surprise vote in favor of the UK leaving the European Union on June 23 unleashed shock waves across the global economy, wiping trillions off the value of global assets. 130 more words


UK Opens Secret Files About 'Jewish Terrorists' in 1940s

UK Opens Secret Files About ‘Jewish Terrorists’ in 1940s

September 28, 2016

<img alt=”This a declassified document released by the British Security Service made available Wednesday Sept. 1,108 more words


Schlock & Terror: A Retrospective of Video Nasties - Anthropophagous: The Beast

Dave returns! In a…not so thrilling adventure. Umm…there’s a cat in it? Oh, well. Just listen to us b*tch about movie.

The Cartoon Physicist

The National Interest

Voters in most countries elect politicians to work in the national interest. This means taking strategic decisions that advance the cause of that country, whether that be economically, politically, culturally, scientifically, you name it. 349 more words



Deckchairs at Brighton beach

The oldest settlements in the Brighton area date back to 3500 BC, but it wasn’t until the 1700s till the place began making inroads into public consciousness. 131 more words