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The problem with political parties: Labour edition

I find it funny how in the good ol blighty we can get so pent-up about a topic for a few days and then simply forget about it (insert hypocrisy here). 876 more words


Why it's right to investigate Sir Edward Heath

Firstly, I do feel a sense of sympathy for Edward Heath with certain allegations that have been leveled against him. After all, it’s alarmingly easy to vilify the dead, especially someone like Heath who has no immediate family or relations to come out and defend him.  555 more words


Houses of the near future can replace stairs with this Star Trek-like elevator

Aging Star Trek enthusiasts are in luck.

There is now a futuristic elevator on the market that bears a strong resemblance to the lifts of the classic TV show. 184 more words

Why do the French blame the British for the Calais chaos?

On Sunday, Xavier Bertrand, the former Employment minister under Sarkozy, laid in to David Cameron and his Conservative government stating that the migrant crisis in Calais was Britain’s fault. 299 more words


Brighton Youth Commissioner Says Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Is A Daily Occurrence

The Argus reports on a Muslim law graduate and member of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s Youth Commission, Mageed Gharib, who says he has witnessed or personally experienced hate crime on a daily basis in Brighton. 505 more words


The Intro

I’m a 21 year old university Mexican student in Britain. You don’t hear that very often do you?
I’ve been living there for 3 years, and as with everything, I have my ups and downs. 460 more words


About those Ted Heath rumours.....

Former British Prime Minster Ted Heath is in the news regarding allegations of institutional child abuse which for a lot of people are going to come as a shock, but if anyone’s remotely followed the deluge of stories over the years since the Jimmy Savile revelations, then this isn’t a shock at all. 542 more words