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Terrorism? Keep a Stiff Upper Lip.

“You may not be interested in war,” Leon Trotsky once warned, “but war is interested in you.” If British Prime Minister David Cameron ever doubted that, he knows better now. 1,372 more words

Middle East

Enquiries to use with the British Library's Magna Carta exhibition

Here are some ideas for enquiry questions that students can follow when exploring the British Library’s Magna Carta exhibition.  We followed the tour backwards, which worked very well.   502 more words


It's Sunny. Let's have a Barby!

It has been awfully sunny today across England and what a great start to my week of holiday. Just what I needed a little dose of sunshine. 506 more words


Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary

Imagine if as you read this the news came on the TV or radio and David Cameron said that Britain’s armed forces were going to go in to action against a hostile force hell bent on the utter annihilation of British culture. 414 more words


Oh British weather...

So finally… Here at the end of June, us Brits are finally able to soak up the vitamin D that we crave so much!!

London is most definitely cranking up the heat at the mo, reaching temperatures of 30 degrees, and we just dont know how to cope! 313 more words

The Media doesn't like Migrants

The migrant boat crisis has in recent weeks gathered huge media attention, and rightly so. News crews scramble to Calais and neighbouring waters to catch a seemingly new issue, first hand. 501 more words