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The Disappearance of the IX Legion

The IX Legion left Britain to go to the Lower Rhine. There is evidence of it in Noviomagus Batavorum, (Nijmegan, Netherlands). Tile stamps have been found dating to 104-20 AD and a silver-plated bronze pendant that was part of a phalera (military medal) with the inscription ‘Leg IX Hisp’ on the reverse. 399 more words

The IX Legion in Britain.

In 43 AD, the 9th legion came to Britain with the invasion forces of Emperor Claudius and Aulus Plautius.

They met with resistance from Caractacus, otherwise known as Caradoc, and were one of the two legions that defeated him at Caer Caradoc, a hill fort in Shropshire in 50 AD. 510 more words

'Apollo's Raven' by Linnea Tanner


I have just finished reading Apollo’s Raven, and I absolutely loved it, every single, beautifully placed word! I didn’t want the book to end, so I am hanging out for Book Two. 376 more words

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I am deeply honored to share the review of Apollo's Raven that was posted by Australian Author, Anne Frandi-Coory, on her website and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myhomelibrary/

A meggyengült Angol font miatt record számban látogatják túristák az Egyesült Királyságot

*Angolról Magyarra fordított szöveg. Angol nyelvű forrás az oldal alján megtalálható*

A font gyengülése az Európai Uniós népszavazás után vonzóbbá tette Britanniát a külföldi túristák számára.  708 more words

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Where we choose to look in life 

We are a very proud species. What is better than admitting defeat is to keep looking the wrong way, hoping something on the horizon looks vaguely like the thing we are wanting to see. 126 more words


Bronze Medal Winner Apollo's Raven by Linnea Tanner 2017 Global Ebook Awards

Bronze Medal Winner Apollo’s Raven by Linnea Tanner 2017 Global Ebook Awards

I am pleased to announce that my debut novel, Apollo’s Raven, is the winner of the BRONZE medal in the   107 more words

Apollo's Raven

Lego men attacking British Navy ship

Toppling the Union Jack in our own back yard.

In typical British fashion, I simply rolled my eyes and walked on by.

Taken during a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh.