B6169 Moto Jacket in Navy & Smoke

I’ve been intrigued by the moto jacket.  It’s one of those garments I’ve heard fans of the capsule wardrobe call an “essential.”  It pops up on Pinterest over skirts and jeans alike, and every time I see it I think that the woman wearing it looks fantastic, but I’d never even tried one on myself. 735 more words


Post apocalyptic war heroine/fashion design student?

So today was the day of my portfolio review/ open house at academy of art(for sure my new top choice college)!!!!! 😍I absolutely loved every part of it. 200 more words


Medley of Cute Clutches

Fresh for Spring I’ve been busy making these adorable clutches to supplement the wallets in what will be the Sweet Potato shop.  After needing a break from wallet making (because how many wallets can one person make in a 48 hour period really?) I started experimenting with muslin scraps that someone had given me. 336 more words

Sweet Potato Products

Simplicity 1327: Plaid on request

I’ve noticed something about my husband’s wardrobe and it has a lot to do with who he sees each day and where we live. When he first started working with veterinarians and farmers in Australia, I noticed plaid shirts creep into his wardrobe for the first time… 481 more words


My Week in San Francisco

What a week!  I spend Sunday through Thursday in San Ramon, California, then Thursday through Saturday in San Francisco.  I like my Sans.  :)

To top it all off it snowed at home!  363 more words


Let's Play Catchup

I have been so busy.  Like, actually busy.  My in-laws visited in August.  It was only a week but included 2 weekends so…you know, busy.  Mom-in-law was sleeping in my sewing room so I have had a bit of a sewing drought.  464 more words