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Welcome to my Friday Fashion episode.
How do you motivate aspiring fashion designers to create originality? Give them a bag of mixed fabrics, tell them nothing of what’s in the bag and wait to see what they create. 559 more words

Friday Fashion

In the breeze, Sway with ease

The dog days of summer are in full swing. Sunshine! Humidity! Thunderstorms! The intense desire to avoid wearing pants!

No? Is that just me?

As we settle into the heat of August there is nothing more unpleasant than putting on anything tight when the air around you already feels like a thick, woolen hug. 764 more words


Life is as expensive as you make it

“It’s not the creation of wealth that’s is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake- Margaret Thatcher

Every now and then I will here someone moan about life,money and everything.

553 more words

Win the Election of life with Unity & #Emunah!


I know what I’m #voting for these days and it’s a #Union that lasts forever :D #inspired!!!

Who are you going to choose this election? 311 more words

Pastel Bunny Update/Good News for Liberty Lovers

I know that Easter has come and gone, but it’s still so early in April that I’m just not done with bunnies yet. Here I’ve revisited a project from a couple of years ago ( 549 more words

Kid Stuff

The Hunt for Reflective Fabric

Hunting for reflective fabric has turned into a bit of a obsession. It wouldn’t be so, possibly, if it was easier to find, however! So when I see things, I tend to jump immediately, cost be damned! 813 more words