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(VIRTUAL TOUR) Step inside the Halley VI Antarctic research station

You can experience the full interactive virtual tour here.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to step inside an Antarctic research station, you now have a great opportunity to do so that doesn’t require you to charter a plane, don survival gear, and prepare to endure some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. 362 more words


North meets South

I spent the day yesterday at the brand new building of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The BAS is the organisation you must apply to for permissions for activities in their wedge of influence in the region – whether it’s basejumping or counting penguins that takes you there.   1,335 more words


Two months on the Larsen C ice shelf

About 14 months ago, I got the incredible chance to take part in the MIDAS project, focusing on the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica. After four years in Svalbard and my PhD diploma in the pocket, it was time to follow the path of the terns and migrate south. 1,533 more words


Ice Station (An Antarctic Thriller)

Minus 55 degrees, zero visibility and a raging snowstorm. Nobody at Halley Station should be outside under these circumstances but the station doctor has just discovered that the cold weather gear of one of the scientists is missing from the boot room and according to the sign-in board he has gone to the met tower. 889 more words


Troubling times indeed

This mini-post has been prompted by a recent post on LearningFromDogs.com, entitled Troubling Times.

I often wish I were not so well-informed because, whereas power without knowledge is very dangerous, knowledge without power is very frustrating. 162 more words

Climate Science

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Similar To What It Was 100 Years Ago

Authored by Michael Bastasch / 11/25/2016

URL of the original posting site: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/25/antarctic-sea-ice-extent-similar-to-what-it-was-100-years-ago/


Scientists were shocked by what they found while pouring over accounts by famous South Pole explorers from about a century ago — findings that could change the way experts think about Antarctica and global warming. 519 more words