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LaRouche: Bankrupt Wall Street and Join the BRICS in Creating a New Global Credit System

 Over the weekend, one outlet for British Imperial policy after another issued hysterical warnings about the global strategic implications of the Greek crisis. The CFR’s Ian Bremmer warned that Greece could well leave the Eurozone and NATO, and instead join the SCO, Russia and China in alternate economic and strategic arrangements – de facto joining the BRICS, although Bremmer doesn’t dare call it that. 432 more words

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Saudi Oil Masterstroke

Last week Saudi Arabia blocked a proposal by the other OPEC members to curtail oil production, sending oil prices plummeting around the world.

Claims are oil prices could fall even as low as $50 a barrel or even below that. 385 more words

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Other People's Money

Other People’s Money by Justin Cartwright

What a delightfully satirical read this is. Justin Cartwright has gathered together a fantastic cast of characters for this novel set within the aristocratic, family-owned bank of Tubal & Co – one of London’s oldest and most respected financial institutions. 226 more words

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Reasons why America's Zionist Masons can't stop lying ~

Hey ~ Those who “Don’t learn from history” will repeat it ~
Did you know #02 Nazi Rudolph Hess sailed a Tunguska nuke up the Thames into London on a Portuguese fishing vessel known to the local police as a smuggling vessel and thus allowed to get thru without a search cause of bribes 2 weeks B4 the Scotland crash landing cover story ~ Benito Mussolini sailed one into Manhattan 3 weeks before Truman ascended to the American throne, then faked his death in Italy using a double ~ 1,424 more words