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Senate could get rid of law threatening to strip Maryam Monsef’s citizenship

Needed: the removal of the previous procedural protections for citizenship fraud and misrepresentation without any effective replacement was over-reach:

The Senate could come to the rescue of Canadians who are being stripped of their citizenship without a hearing.

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'My biggest fear is I will become trapped': Woman, 25, goes to court to overturn assisted-dying restrictions

OTTAWA — After just 11 days on the books, the contentious federal law on physician-assisted dying has been hit with a constitutional challenge by a young woman with a degenerative wasting disease who is ineligible for a legal assisted death. 870 more words


'Loss of faith' from spy allies possible if Canada proceeds with court disclosure: CSE official

OTTAWA – Close allies will curb or even halt the flow of intelligence to the Communications Security Establishment if the electronic spy agency is forced to spill its closely guarded secrets in open court, argues a senior CSE official. 542 more words


Witnesses diametrically opposed in testimony before committee on assisted death

A hopeless chasm opened Monday at the feet of the parliamentarians hurrying to embody the right to die in federal law.

Grace Pastine of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Rights sat side-by-side at the witness table before the joint committee of 15 MPs and senators tasked with devising doctrine to underpin the federal physician-assisted dying law expected June 6. 516 more words


Top court hears arguments on suspending assisted-dying decision

The Supreme Court is deliberating on whether irremediably ill Canadians with intolerable suffering should, once again, be denied their constitutional right to a doctor-assisted death while Parliament takes another six months to figure out how to safely decriminalize assisted suicide. 587 more words


Extend current assisted-suicide laws six months, federal lawyers to ask

Laws against assisted dying, due to end in 28 days, should remain on the books for another six months to give governments sufficient time to enact what’s sure to be a highly divisive physician-assisted suicide law, federal lawyers are to argue before the Supreme Court Monday. 712 more words


Assisted-suicide debate leads off a busy Supreme Court session

The debate over assisted dying leads off the Supreme Court of Canada’s winter session next week. Twenty other appeals are to follow, ranging from whether federally regulated workers can be legally fired without cause, to a constitutional quarrel over mandatory-minimum criminal sentencing. 616 more words