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Kevin Libin: B.C. has little ammo to take shots at Alberta

The B.C. Liberals’ throne speech, Tuesday, pointedly paid tribute to many historically marginalized groups. Lieutenant Governor Judithju Guichon recognized the Songhees First Nation, and the Esquimalt. 635 more words


Gary Lamphier: Oh, the irony. Iran to export its crude oil as Alberta continues to wait.

Ironic, isn’t it? Iran, long branded by the U.S. government as an active state sponsor of terrorism, will soon be merrily shipping its crude oil to global markets, as the U.S. 858 more words

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Dermod Travis: Does B.C. have a ‘dark money’ problem in politics?

They’re the forgotten cousins of political donors, a beast that’s neither corporate nor union: trade associations.

If you have a shingle to hang, there’s one out there for you, even for the shingle maker. 671 more words


Tasha Kheiriddin: Trudeau deserves credit for refugee compromise

Turns out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s critics — and the majority of Canadians — were right: resettling 25,000 refugees in six weeks is too much, too fast. 704 more words

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Jen Gerson: Calgary elected its first Liberal MPs in almost 50 years, but was it a fluke or the sign of a thaw?

Ever the optimist, former Liberal MP Pat Mahoney once quipped: “I think we will elect an MP in Calgary again before the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.” 657 more words

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Gentle Tom has NDP stuck in mushy middle

At the beginning of the Munk debate on foreign policy Monday, moderator Rudyard Griffi ths welcomed the participants, then leaped in with one of the great moral questions of our age. 761 more words


Fingas: NDP must stick to its principles

In a hotly-contested federal election, the federal NDP will be learning from recent provincial experience in demonstrating that it’s ready to move from opposition to government. 619 more words