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Jen Gerson: Calgary elected its first Liberal MPs in almost 50 years, but was it a fluke or the sign of a thaw?

Ever the optimist, former Liberal MP Pat Mahoney once quipped: “I think we will elect an MP in Calgary again before the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.” 657 more words

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Gentle Tom has NDP stuck in mushy middle

At the beginning of the Munk debate on foreign policy Monday, moderator Rudyard Griffi ths welcomed the participants, then leaped in with one of the great moral questions of our age. 761 more words


Fingas: NDP must stick to its principles

In a hotly-contested federal election, the federal NDP will be learning from recent provincial experience in demonstrating that it’s ready to move from opposition to government. 619 more words


Christianity? What's it all about? Christy Clark edition

Having a little bit of trouble with the Twitter last week, Premier Clark wades in again.

Ah yes. Hard work. Sacrifice. Reward.

Good Friday!

Happy Easter!

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Inadequate design blamed for failure of B.C.'s Mount Polley tailings dam

By Dirk Meissner

VICTORIA — The construction of a mine tailings pond on top of a sloped glacial lake at British Columbia’s Mount Polley mine weakened the foundation of the dam and was akin to loading a gun and then pulling the trigger, a report on the disaster concluded. 710 more words


Selina Robinson: B.C. needs to eliminate corporate and union donations from municipal politics

On Saturday, voters across the province head to the polls to cast their ballots in local government elections. Candidates in B.C.’s cities and towns have put in countless hours and raised a lot of money to be able to campaign and share their vision with voters. 479 more words


Jumbo Glacier Resort building $1B ski lodge in dangerous avalanche zone, B.C. New Democrats say

The B.C. New Democrats and governing Liberals can’t agree on whether the day lodge for the new Jumbo Glacier Resort is being built in the path of a dangerous avalanche zone. 159 more words