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Andrew Coyne: If an election is B.C.'s only answer, then drop the writ

To the charge that she has stolen her opponents’ policies in a transparent effort to pander to public opinion, Christy Clark responds that she has stolen her opponents’ policies and is transparently pandering to public opinion. 1,003 more words


Why Ellis Ross may end up being one of the most powerful cabinet ministers Canada never had

Too bad Ellis Ross, the former chief councillor of the Haisla Nation near Kitimat, is about to become one of the most powerful aboriginal cabinet ministers Canada never had. 800 more words


Vaughn Palmer: Meet B.C. Premier Christy Clark's government-in-waiting-to-be-defeated


For a government that passed the best-before date weeks ago, the swearing-in Monday for Premier Christy Clark and her revised cabinet lineup was a predictably sombre affair. 894 more words


Coming B.C. NDP-Green agenda means province is next in line for an energy shock

Here we go again. A new government is elected with unrealistic promises to restructure the energy system and new uncertainty is created for all those whose livelihood depended on the old one. 1,026 more words


Gormley: From Scheer to STC, with B.C.'s curse of the interesting

With summer finally upon us — or at least summer-like weather — I invite you to relax and enjoy the offerings of an attention-challenged columnist: the buffet column, where there’s something for everyone. 642 more words


Rob Shaw: British Columbia's next political quagmire is electing a Speaker of the legislature


VICTORIA — B.C.’s NDP and Green parties may have inked a deal to form the next provincial government, but the success of their razor-thin hold on power will largely come down to who gets picked for a procedural job unknown to most British Columbians. 729 more words


Colby Cosh: B.C. is on the precipice of a marvellous drama, with high odds of everything blowing up soon

If you were a bookie, and you had to make an over/under betting line for the time till the next provincial election in British Columbia, where would you set it? 999 more words

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