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Colby Cosh: Alberta's daylight saving reform gets clocked by math

Alberta’s flirtation with the destruction of daylight saving met with an ignominious end on Tuesday. Bill 203, dubbed the Alberta Standard Time Act, had been sent to the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future in the spring, after the Notley government concluded that a lot of grouchy Albertans want to stop changing their clocks twice a year. 862 more words

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Mike Smyth: The outsiders — Taylor and Watts add buzz to Liberal leadership race

Now that Christy Clark has officially stepped down as leader of the B.C. Liberal party, the race is on to replace her. There are no official candidates yet, but lots of names are being heavily hyped, including many inside the Liberal caucus. 785 more words


'I am done with public life': Former B.C. premier Christy Clark explains exit from politics

By Camille Bains

VANCOUVER — Former British Columbia premier Christy Clark says a disappointing finish on election night had her feeling like she should leave politics, but her head didn’t catch up with her heart until shortly before she told her caucus of her decision. 654 more words


Photos: Christy Clark through the years

Christy Clark, who resigned as Liberal party leader on Friday, has been part of the B.C. political scene for over 20 years, going back to her first election victory in the riding of Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain in 1996. 480 more words

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B.C. Greens and NDP shut down debate on two Liberals bills before it even begins

By Rob Shaw

B.C.’s weakened Liberal government suffered its first taste of defeat after almost 16 years of majority political dominance Monday, setting the stage for the party’s ultimate ouster from office later this week. 903 more words


Andrew Coyne: If an election is B.C.'s only answer, then drop the writ

To the charge that she has stolen her opponents’ policies in a transparent effort to pander to public opinion, Christy Clark responds that she has stolen her opponents’ policies and is transparently pandering to public opinion. 1,002 more words


Why Ellis Ross may end up being one of the most powerful cabinet ministers Canada never had

Too bad Ellis Ross, the former chief councillor of the Haisla Nation near Kitimat, is about to become one of the most powerful aboriginal cabinet ministers Canada never had. 800 more words