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Paul Kershaw: B.C. budget is built on a fantasy for younger British Columbians

Secure a great job. Own a home. Keep more of our hard-earned money. That’s the promise of B.C., according to the premier and the finance minister.  797 more words


Mike Smyth: With election looming, Christmas in February has arrived

If Premier Christy Clark does not cut the provincial sales tax in Tuesday’s budget, it will now be both a surprise and a disappointment to voters. 574 more words


Mike Smyth: Election is payback time for tapped-out B.C. taxpayers

For five years now, the B.C. government has been extracting more money than it needed to take from you, racking up massive budget surpluses in the hundreds of millions of dollars every spring. 506 more words


Dermod Travis: Get ready for some good, old-fashioned mudslinging

Splat. It would seem B.C.’s 41st general election is well underway.

News this week that someone may have hacked the B.C. Liberal party’s website caused quite the uproar.  739 more words


Mike Smyth: Leaked B.C. Liberal Party list raises privacy concerns

A few days ago, I was shown a remarkable document that appeared to be an internal B.C. Liberal Party spreadsheet showing the private email addresses of party contacts on Vancouver Island. 603 more words


Michael Den Tandt: Donald Trump's refugee ban pushes Canadian politicians to forge common front

In closing America’s borders to refugees and banning visitors from seven Muslim-majority nations including U.S.-allied Iraq, President Donald Trump has managed the seemingly impossible; to shove Conservative stalwart Jason Kenney and Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, long-time foes, into the same tent. 844 more words

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Sask. last province to accept salary top up from provincial parties, NDP calls for practice to end

Brad Wall is now the only premier in Canada still accepting a “top-up” payment from the party he represents.

Over the weekend, B.C. Premier Christy Clark announced she is no longer getting a $50,000 stipend from the Liberal Party because the payment has become too much of a distraction. 401 more words