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Mike Smyth: Sorry B.C. farmers, Christy's cash comes first

On Jan. 26, somewhere at an undisclosed location in Kelowna, Christy Clark will sit down to a private dinner with a group of deep-pocketed political supporters. 1,030 more words


Michael Den Tandt: If Trudeau is wise, he'll course correct in new year before dip in support becomes a slide

Three makes a trend. Recent polls by Forum Research, Ipsos and Abacus Data point to a measurable slump in the Trudeau government’s public support as 2016 draws to a close. 851 more words

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Braid: Ex-B.C. premier backs pipeline — and he's a New Democrat

The Alberta NDP may strike a medal for a guy named Dan Miller, once they remember who he is.

You don’t recall either? Neither do a lot of people in his native British Columbia, where Miller was an eyeblink NDP premier for six months in 1999-2000, stuffed like doughnut jelly between Glen Clark and Ujjal Dosanjh. 663 more words

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Braid: Notley says she'll convince B.C. - but slowly, without a fight

Premier Rachel Notley won’t be setting herself up as a magnet for demonstrations in B.C. next week.

She’ll be talking to several media outlets (as she did in Calgary Friday) but won’t give the usual formal speech at a set location. 846 more words

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B.C. Liberals claim that $20 billion invested in LNG questioned

The B.C. government’s propaganda machine is telling us that $20 billion has been invested in B.C. LNG thanks to the Liberals.

Unless I have been living under a mushroom for the past three years, for the life of me I cannot see where that $20 billion has been spent. 486 more words


Braid: Notley will find stormy waters when she pitches pipeline to B.C.

Rachel Notley persuaded Albertans to vote NDP last year, a task everybody thought was impossible.

Her next selling job will be harder.

She’s going to B.C. 637 more words

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Mike Smyth: B.C. NDP crunched the polling numbers on grizzly-bear hunting ban

The last time the NDP proposed a ban on hunting grizzly bears, the result wasn’t exactly a roaring success.

The year was 2001, and then-premier Ujjal Dosanjh brought in a three-year moratorium on hunting B.C.’s iconic apex predator. 478 more words