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Mike Smyth: Horgan's year was happy in public, grieving in private

For Premier John Horgan, a defining moment in deciding the fate of the controversial Site C dam didn’t occur during a cabinet meeting or in a high-level discussion with a powerful business leader or a senior policy chief. 810 more words


Mike Smyth: John Horgan rips CBC over sacking of B.C. legislature reporter

It’s not often you hear a B.C. premier lash out at a major media organization over an internal personnel matter.

But that’s exactly what Premier John Horgan is doing, ripping into the CBC after the public broadcaster fired Richard Zussman, the network’s hard-working and popular legislative reporter. 406 more words


Mike Smyth on Site C: Horgan couldn't unscramble Christy Clark's omelette

Somewhere, Christy Clark must be laughing her head off right about now.

The former Liberal premier suffered a dizzying fall from power after the election last May, but the most solemn vow she made in office came prophetically true on Monday. 822 more words


Mike Smyth: Here's my Site C prediction

If Premier John Horgan bulls ahead and completes construction of the Site C dam, a lot of people are going to be ticked off.

That includes Andrew Weaver, the leader of the B.C. 416 more words


The Good People

The good people,

Neighbours, sitting across the aisle from each other

Discussed the cold that had taken everyone by surprise

“Snow’s coming soon,” the guy in front of me said… 679 more words


Opinion: It's time for the silent majority to be heard

By Roger More

An enduring feature of Canada’s democratic and free society has been majority rule.

It is simple in concept: in political decisions and situations that affect a majority of Canadian citizens, the choice will be the decision the majority supports. 485 more words


Mike Smyth: In damage-control mode, Horgan reaches out to business

Call it Premier John Horgan’s first damage-control tour.

With his agriculture minister taking fire in Victoria for sending a threatening letter to a Vancouver Island salmon farm, Horgan headed north last weekend to prove he’s not against rural resource projects. 470 more words