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Mike Smyth: A B.C. government whistleblower steps from the shadows

The man who blew the whistle on a pair of government scandals that rocked Premier Christy Clark’s Liberals is stepping from the shadows and sounding the alarm again. 793 more words


Mike Smyth: Small B.C. Conservative party had big impact on election

A lot of B.C. Liberals are furious at Leah McCulloch these days because she ran in last week’s provincial election as a member of the B.C. 541 more words


Gordon Clark: Urban-rural divide is all about the economy, stupid

Much has been said since Tuesday’s provincial election about B.C.’s urban-rural political divide. Most commentators have looked at which parties took the most ridings in B.C.’s various regions, but a closer look at voting in the initial count reveals interesting patterns. 800 more words


Graham Thomson: Alberta government says Notley not a 'loser' from B.C. squeaker election

The Alberta government would like you to know that, contrary to what I said in my column the other day, Premier Rachel Notley is not a “big loser” in the outcome of the muddled British Columbia election. 658 more words


Colby Cosh: B.C.'s election outcome is still uncertain. And it's all thanks to their bizarrely generous voting system

British Columbia politics are famous for being weird, but this election that really came across. Some jurisdictions are content to hold election nights that end with “hung” parliaments or assemblies in which no party has a majority. 992 more words

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Opinion: B.C. election is a teachable moment on proportional representation

Former U.S. president Barack Obama popularized the phrase “teachable moment” by pointing out that events, even tragedies, are often opportunities for the public to learn more about policy. 639 more words

B.C. Election 2017

Graham Thomson: B.C. election results leave Alberta feeling green about the gills

And the winner is …

Andrew Weaver, leader of British Columbia’s Green Party.

And the loser is …

Rachel Notley, premier of Alberta.

Even though we won’t know for… 694 more words