Dermod Travis: In B.C., some ridings are more equal than others

Elections have two key components: the race and the mechanics — the legislative process and administration of the vote.

The race gets the media coverage, not so much the mechanics, even though it can have far more of an impact on the results than many might imagine. 702 more words

B.C. Election 2017

Christy Clark sworn in as B.C premier of province's first minority government in 65 years

VICTORIA – Christy Clark was officially sworn in today as the premier of British Columbia, leading the province’s first minority government in 65 years.

Legislature clerk Craig James told members of the Liberal caucus that journalists reported on an air of mystery and excitement at the legislature in 1952 and the same can be said about today. 111 more words


B.C. legislature in 'uncharted territory' as no party wants to give up voting member to be speaker

The feigned reluctance of a newly elected Speaker who, following parliamentary tradition, pretends to resist being dragged to the head of the legislative chamber may soon be more than mock theatrics in the British Columbia legislature. 750 more words


Graham Thomson: Wildrose wants it both ways on Trans Mountain pipeline

Snap quiz.

Which Alberta politician on Tuesday gave this optimistic forecast of the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion?

“I’m very positive. I’m hopeful that it will go through. 691 more words


Colby Cosh: B.C. is on the precipice of a marvellous drama, with high odds of everything blowing up soon

If you were a bookie, and you had to make an over/under betting line for the time till the next provincial election in British Columbia, where would you set it? 999 more words

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Samuel Oliphant: B.C. Greens have agreed to worst possible deal in their efforts to oust Christy Clark

A lot still needs to happen for British Columbia’s New Democrats and Greens to form a viable governing alliance in the province. For starters, Premier Christy Clark – as the leader who won the plurality of votes and seats in the recent election – has every right to face the legislature and present her vision for B.C., as she’s made clear she plans to do. 937 more words

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Graham Thomson: 'That pipeline will be built': Rachel Notley predicts Trans Mountain will trump B.C. politics

If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get.

That pretty much sums up the fist-shaking declaration Premier Rachel Notley issued to her NDP cousins in British Columbia over the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. 617 more words