Iain Black: Political accountability threatened by flawed referendum

We are getting down to the wire in the referendum on electoral reform, with only a few weeks left until the deadline for ballots to be received by Elections B.C. 742 more words


Nick Loenen: Here are all my reasons for voting for proportional representation

As you know, British Columbians are being asked to vote on whether to adopt a new voting system. My own experience in the legislature confirms that we need less animosity, more respect. 588 more words


Mike Smyth: Farnworth to illegal B.C. pot shops: Shut down if you want to go straight

When it comes to Canadian cannabis, the grass has always been greener in this province, the land of legendary B.C. Bud.

No one knows for sure how big the illegal B.C. 476 more words


Dermod Travis: B.C.'s political Wild West is alive and well in local politics

Judging by the mud flying, it would seem local elections are well underway. If the campaign turns out anything like the opening acts, there are going to be some hefty dry-cleaning bills. 731 more words


Mike Smyth: Referendum is what it is. Just deal with it

VICTORIA — In case you haven’t heard, we are less than three weeks away from a referendum that could profoundly overhaul B.C.’s system of democracy. 469 more words


Mike Smyth: Weaver huffs and puffs on LNG

Remind me to never play poker with Premier John Horgan.

The way this guy has so thoroughly bamboozled Andrew Weaver at the B.C. legislature, Horgan must be a ruthless card shark who can carve up a sucker in seconds flat. 489 more words


Mike Smyth: Horgan should accept Wilkinson's PR debate challenge

This fall’s referendum on proportional representation could profoundly change the way B.C.’s democracy operates and functions.

For that reason, Premier John Horgan shouldn’t hesitate in accepting Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s challenge to debate the issue one-on-one. 578 more words