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Northern Pintail [Anas acuta] ~ #37

This is a classy looking duck. The males have that rich brown colouring on their heads and of course their trademark pin-tail. The females are more subtle. 107 more words


Hot Docs 2015: Fractured Land (2015) ★★★★

A documentary is always about story telling.  It is always about bringing up certain issues, or to talk about certain people who have made a difference, not only in their own community, but for the entire city.   390 more words

Hot Docs

Nature, a force to respect

Today I went outside to enjoy the sun.  And in doing so I saw the beauty of spring.  It made me realize how much I love to live where I do, the beauty of my surroundings.  615 more words


Trainwreck Shatter at The Green Room Society in Vancouver, BC

Very LIGHT creamy color. Smells like it looks– very creamy citrus. This stuff hits HARD and keeps hitting HARD. This starts at the top of the head like a halo hanging around for a few minutes before just melting over the rest of your head and shoulders in a warm, wide-awake high. 174 more words


Vancouver 2

Laying over, April 2015

The art of a good layover is to make sure it is long enough that you can take in more cities. I only lay over when i know i get to take in the destination. 525 more words


UBC Thunderbird Arena Concessions

The Pacific Regional Championships between the BC and Alberta midget hockey teams took place at UBC Thunderbird Arena during Easter long weekend, and I was there as a spectator. 286 more words

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