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Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant (Richmond)

Steaming hot “Hot Pot Bulgogi”

Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant is a traditional Korean establishment located near Lansdowne Mall on Alexandra Road in Richmond. The name Woe Ga Jib, according to the restaurant’s website, means “grandmother’s house.” (There is also a Chinese name for the restaurant on the sign outside, and in Chinese it reads, “外婆屋”, which means the same thing: maternal grandmother’s house.) I suppose the concept of this restaurant is to create a traditional, family-style place, with the name reflecting the feeling of delicious home-cooked Korean dishes and also thankful feelings of the young toward their elders. 363 more words

British Columbia

I always find my Brazilians!

A friend came to town on a Wednesday, and naturally wanted to have a few drinks. We went to small restaurant/bar and since it was completely packed we were forced to sit at the bar. 711 more words


Canada En-Route to Further Americanization

The support of this type of police violence could lead to an increased militarization of Canadian police. MRAPS and military grade assault gear in the future?

Watch as Quebec Cop Blasts a Female Student's Face with Burning Hot Gas.

A second cop follows up with a burst of aerosol.  (The students were not armed.)

h t t p s: / / v i n e .co/v/O3tHpn5Dm6H

Surly Ogre - A Quiver of One

Fairly shortly after our trip to the Chilcotin’s in the fall of 2014 I was offered a 22” Surly Ogre at an amazing price by the good folks at the best bike shop in Vancouver, … 861 more words