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Laugh Out Loud at 'Clockwise'

Yesterday Patty thought we needed a break, so she went to youtube and found us one of the funniest movies we’ve ever seen.

Clockwise (1986) stars John Cleese as Mr. 253 more words

Just For Fun

What Went Wrong With... John Bishop?

Every decade or so, a bland comedian rises up the ranks of British TV and they become the face of seemingly everything. In the past we’ve had the likes of… 697 more words


Diga "Pechos"

One of my favourite skits from A Bit Of Fry & Laurie. Stephen at his deadly best: whimsically browbeating and confounding Hugh once again. The world needs more doctors like this.

Stephen Fry

Sounds Familiar

“Drink your coffee.” – Edie Pegden (Thora Hird) to her daughter, Glenda (Sarah Thomas), Last Of The Summer Wine

Sounds Familiar

Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the name of Manuel’s “Siberian hamster” on Fawlty Towers? 138 more words

Wednesday Trivia Question

My Top Ten British Comedies

  1. The Fast Show
  2. Only Fools and Horses
  3. Bellamy’s People
  4. Brian Pern
  5. Harry & Paul
  6. Outnumbered
  7. Harry Enfield and Chums
  8. Steptoe and Son
  9. Blackadder
  10. The Good Life


There’s a long enduring stereotype that Americans don’t get irony. Like all sweeping generalisations this is quite obviously false and borderline insulting, but in my opinion, there is something to this that speaks for a real difference between the type of comedy that can be found on British television as opposed to American. 509 more words