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I tried to write a summary about this show, but it is too much like Arrested Development in that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere so it’s hard to explain without giving a detailed blow-by-blow. 220 more words

What Went Right With... Dennis Pennis & Mike Strutter?

Before Sacha Baron Cohen and Marc Wootton created their various satirical characters, and way before Vitalii Sediuk accosted celebrities and famously received a restraining order, there was a much wittier and sharper celeb-harasser named Dennis Pennis. 1,164 more words


Red Dwarf thoughts

So Red Dwarf XI premiered tonight.

Let’s discuss the biggest gripe first. There were more holes in the plot than in a tramp’s vest. On the subject, Albert Einstein was depicted as a vagrant in an alternative 1952 where science and modern technology were strictly banned. 308 more words


Bridget Jones's Baby (2016). Read my review to see whether this is big pants or big fun.

Film review by Jason Day of Bridget Jones’s Baby, in which the hapless singleton played by Rene Zelwegger finds herself pregnant and not knowing who the father is. 870 more words


Harry H Corbett - A broken glass half full

As the TV series Steptoe And Son drew to a close, Harry H Corbett sought to release his debut solo album, a collection of traditional British folk songs and music hall tunes. 1,967 more words


In Class Sept. 13: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Examples

As you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in this Fry & Laurie sketch, what kind(s) of reasoning are you using and how?

Based on our knowledge that Augustus Gloop generally loves chocolate, 51 more words

In-Class Discussion

Thoughts at work: Mr Bean

So about a week back a friend comes into the bar I work at – the girl who taught me how to sling drinks properly in fact – for a sneaky bellini (in Vancouver that means an alcoholic peach slushy) and a quick chat. 580 more words