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Jayjay 27-Jul-2016

‘Sweetie darling lacroix’


I laughed out loud for about 4 minutes after reading this. I was a little drunk and had left the bbq to go meet my other friends out  int town and he just sent this. 22 more words


I Give It A Year

3.5/5 Stars

Summary: “After a quick courtship, two lovers hastily decide to tie the knot. As their first year of marriage unfolds, temptation and incompatibility put their relationship in jeopardy.”

85 more words
Movie Review

Denis Norden recalls comedy pioneer early years - BBC News

Denis Norden, 94, is known as the host of It’ll Be Alright on the Night but he also holds an acclaimed status as a radio comedy pioneer, as arts correspondent Vincent Dowd finds out. 20 more words


Great British Comedy: Ask a Policeman

How I love British comedy! They’re superb at the genre. Without all the slapstick or cheesiness. Hot Fuzz, In Bruges, Trainspotting, Death at a Funeral, The Full Monty, The Boat that Rocked and my list goes on. 370 more words


The Return of the Pink Panther (UK, 1975)

Directed by: Blake Edwards. On a whim, I decided it was time to look at some comedy—time to laugh! So I googled “best comedies of all time” or something. 219 more words

Eddie and Patsy are still Absolutely Fabulous

If I have one complaint about Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie it’s relatively minor. British comedy tends to be rather formulaic and this is definitely evident in Jennifer Saunders’s new movie about the latest adventures of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. 350 more words

Raised By Wolves

Last watched: July 2016


Della Garry works at the Pound Store and looks after her homeschooled six kids, Germaine, Aretha, Cher, Yoko, Wyatt and Mariah. 273 more words