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Book: Small Wars, Faraway Places, by Michael Burleigh (2013)

In short: this is a dreadful book.

There is, of course, no such thing as an unbiased work of history, and the most biased authors are generally those who think they’re unbiased but are instead just blind to their own preconceptions. 868 more words

The Empires Lament

From the rising in the East to the setting in the West
Everyone’s told that British is best
They colonised people on every land
Those who resisted felt the back of their hand… 238 more words

Scottish Independence

British Empire Glossary

Condominium: the joint control of a state’s affairs by other states

Protectorate: an area with its own ruler, but placed under the protection of the British Crown, which controlled it militarily and usually influenced domestic policies through advisors


Analyzing the Subaltern: An invisible strikethrough

“Since the word is inaccurate, it is crossed out. Since it is necessary, it is left eligible.”
– Martin Heidegger, in a letter to Ernst Junger, 1956. 1,053 more words

Masters Degree Life: Media Criticism

Tearing Metaphors: Sexiest Trick in Periphery.

Tearing loopholes and rearranging periphery. Pull out the metaphor clozaril. Unetonalters clomp; macaw mitre depatterns the berefleetirpor litotes. Antithesis liars sip a glocal exit. Hyperb… 10 more words


Insanity at #Shorncliffe. #FWW

“May they not take it too seriously! Seein’ as ‘ow the training is all washed out as soon as you turn that narrow street corner at Boulogne, where some watcher with a lantern is always up for English troops arriving, with a “Bon courage” for every man.  485 more words

Chris Hedges: The End of Empire

Chris Hedges in TruthDig:

The American empire is coming to an end. The U.S. economy is being drained by wars in the Middle East and vast military expansion around the globe.

1,923 more words