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History Senryū 3 Sep 2015

Blaming government,

the Brit’s riot, demanding

eleven stolen days.


Race and Empire on the 13.24 Train from Cleethorpes

“Go on, drink up. Don’t be a faggot.” A can of lager was pushed in front of me. The gesture was a demand. I was being told to demonstrate whether I should be included or not—to show them that I wasn’t queer, to show them I belonged. 771 more words


On this day: Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar

On the 2nd of September, 1752, Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar. Most of Western Europe had adopted the calendar some two centuries earlier, changing from the Julian calendar. 51 more words


Thinking about decorum, impetus and alacrity

Thinking about decorum, impetus and alacrity

March 11th, 2015            Kalu Onwuka

I hope that you enjoyed last week’s post. It is indeed true that there is great folly in following the crowd blindly and should be a lesson well taken to heart. 1,507 more words

Social Commentary


I received my first question on my blog! Very exciting to know that I’m not writing just for myself. I’ll be at number 50 in no time. 587 more words

Woman in Cooktown, Queensland, 1880-1890.

This is one of my favourite Victorian era photographs. This young Australian woman is so pretty, and it’s one of the few portraits from the era where there’s no fussy hairstyle (those hideous curls they used to do at the top of their heads!). 12 more words


“The modern Middle East was largely created by the British. It was they who carried the Allied war effort in the region during World War I and who, at its close, principally fashioned its peace.

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