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Causes of the #Singapore Mutiny #FWW

The mutiny was not confined to the Rajputs wing of the 5th NLI  (Native Light Infantry). Soldiers from the Malay States Guides Took also part in the mutiny. 1,883 more words

Trump Launches War on Drugs, But Must Target Drug Banks

HSBC, Makati City, Philippines. Photo: Jun Acullador

President Donald Trump has launched a deadly serious War on Drugs. On February 8, in a speech before the MCCA (Major Cities Police Chiefs) in Washington, Trump said that the drug scourge was destroying the potential of America’s youth and America’s future, and must be crushed, naming the newly installed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Gen (ret.) John Kelly, as the man to lead the effort. 1,799 more words


The Naming of Parts

At school when studying O Level English Literature, we had to read poems from ‘The Sheldon Book of Verse’.  This poem was one I remember so well, mostly because of the way it was read to us by the teacher.   353 more words


Notes on Colonial-Imperial knowledge formation

A number of scholars of British India have sought to understand the ways in which British power was exercised through constructing knowledge about Indian societies, including their histories and literatures, languages and geographies.  940 more words

PhD Journal

15/2/15 Singapore #FWW

When the trigger of a rifle is squeezed no one knows how many people will be killed as a result.

Events in Singapore in February 1915 will always be overshadowed by events in Singapore in February 1942. 265 more words

75 Years - The Fall of Singapore

Singapore was promoted as a fortress, an icon of British influence and prestige in the far east, and a point from which the empire could exercise power over its dominions in the Pacific. 2,417 more words


Lockwood Kipling

In London, so off to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington to see the Lockwood Kipling exhibition.  I was particularly keen to see this as it celebrates a man who could easily be forgotten, or overshadowed in his case.   291 more words