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“Let’s go to the Colonies!”: The Festival of Empire at the Crystal Palace, 1911

From one imperial capital to another. I found this postcard, which commemorates the Festive of Empire that was staged at the Crystal Palace in London in 1911, in a shop in the Galerie Vivienne in Paris, one fine spring morning in 2014. 1,321 more words


Claudia Jones, the Commonwealth and the Immigration Act of 1962

Reading Claudia Jones’s broadside against 1962’s Commonwealth Immigration Act as reproduced in the latest Race & Class, a few things struck me. This first immigration act, passed by a Tory government in the year following Jones’s opinion piece in the West Indian Gazette, significantly changed British views on immigration. 1,085 more words


Ruin of India by British Rule

Report on India of the Social Democratic Federation (GB), Stuttgart, 1907, by Henry M. Hyndman

The British Empire in India is the most striking example in the history of the world of the domination of a vast territory and population by a small minority of an alien race. 172 more words


From the Shadows of War and Empire: A Real British History

Following Brexit, the figure of hate crimes reported to the police has increased by 57%. Britain is openly hostile to immigration in mainstream political discourse and Islamophobia in the media is rife. 805 more words


Dreams of the Empire in Sudan

Somewhere in rural England a wizened figure in the landed gentry is bemoaning the loss of the good old days of empire. His echoes reverberate to the ears of a tattooed skinhead, wistfully staring into his can of super strength lager in a grubby, urban apartment, festooned with Union Jacks, waiting for an English football team to live up to the days when we conquered the world.   1,231 more words


200 Years of British-Bahraini Relations? Pirates, Rogue Diplomats, and a Missing Treaty

2016 is apparently the 200th anniversary of British-Bahraini relations. The story goes that, in 1816, Britain and Bahrain signed a Treaty of Friendship which has endured the centuries, that these allies have grown to be amongst the closest and warmest friends, and that we now enter the third century of relations. 3,244 more words

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