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Racism and remembrance

Is it not enough that we are torn from our country and friends, to toil for your luxury and lust of gain? Olaudah Equiano

Another round of data that try to describe what life is like for British citizens living in the Digital Age was published today. 1,194 more words


Reiew. Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary

Being dyslexic I have always found non-fiction, with its impossibly small and curly fonts difficult to read. Audiobooks being really expensive to buy I had accepted that this was a genre that was mainly off-limits, apart from the occasional graphic novel. 971 more words


How the steel frame of administration was reduced to a bamboo frame

K K. Sethi

With public good relegated to background, with loss of prestige, with absence of factors of cohesion, the services deteriorated rapidly and the steel frame was reduced to bamboo frame.

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Lieutenant Vere Norman Rowsell MC OBE Coldstream Guards

Vere Norman Rowsell (1887-1945) was born in Ceylon, the son of tea planter Norman Rowsell and his wife Florence Congreve. They were living at Abbotsleigh estate when he was born. 404 more words


Wilberforce's Great Cause

Allen, one of my late friends, taught me a lot about open-mindedness because of how he identified himself. With no irony at all, he often called himself a compassionate evangelical.  766 more words


Guardian furious with MP's 'British Empire' Olympic win

The MP for South Derbyshire has angered the Guardian after a lighthearted tweet showing the British Empire winning the Rio Olympics.

Now that's what I call winning!!!

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On This Day: August 15th

On the 15th of August India gained independence from British rule, after almost 200 years under crown rule. India then joined the Commonwealth of Nations. India had an ongoing battle for independence via the Indian Independence Movement which encompassed activities and ideas aiming to end the East India Company rule (1757–1858) and the British Raj (1858–1947) in the Indian subcontinent. 34 more words