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Mastering the MOOC: Reflections on the controversies of British Empire.

I came upon the concept of the “MOOC” – Massive Open On-line Courses, only recently. I’d heard of them but they hadn’t really impinged on my day to day consciousness. 770 more words


Remember Cawnpore, A Memoir of the Opium War--Chapter VII (An Introduction and a Reunion)

“Lord, this is a scandalous first impression,” I said.

The woman cocked her head to the side and stared at me. I began to wonder if her knowledge of the English language was in fact poor and she was only able to deliver certain stock snide words and phrases in it. 2,025 more words


Flash For Freedom: More Cringes Than Chuckles Here

Flash for Freedom! is a very difficult book to review because there are two things going on, and both of these functioning at very different levels. 203 more words


Empires and Caliphates - anything new here?


It is a struggle to sort out who dislikes whom in the Middle East what with Al Quada, ISIS/ISIL, Sunni and Shia Muslims and warring factions within each group. 1,276 more words

British Empire

Royal Flash: Volume 2 of The Flashman Papers...Great Fun

Royal Flash is a interpretation, along despicable Flashy lines, of Anthony Hawkins’ The Prisoner of Zenda. Fraser, through Flashman, even goes so far as to argue that Hawkins got his idea for Zenda from Flashman’s adventure in Germany with Bismarck and his toadies. 210 more words


Loyal Christian Indians and Ugandans

The British Empire’s contribution to the war effort was a significant one. The Germans had hoped that colonial unrest would be to their advantage, but instead, many men from across the Empire volunteered, from all faiths. 181 more words

Joining Up

Playing with Fusion

At the moment, I’m writing a chapter on voluntary contributions from Indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand during the First World War. Any discussion of First Nations enlistments in Canada is bound to include a discussion of the 114th (Brock’s Rangers) Battalion, raised in Haldiman County in Southwestern Ontario. 1,742 more words