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A weekend exploring Hong Kong

Now that I’m slowly getting used to the heat, I’ve begun venturing a bit further beyond the confines of my air-conditioned room and office. I’m a little behind with writing – this post is about last weekend, not the one just gone – but better late than never. 760 more words


Indian Summers, Episode 1, Authenticity, You are Doing It Wrong

Indian Summers, currently airing on Masterpiece Theater is more sudsy than substantial. The show is set in the waning days of the British Empire in the town of… 761 more words


Slavery And The Old African Kingdoms

In 1817 Thomas Edward Bowdich, an English explorer and traveller, set off from Cape Coast Castle. His mission? To negotiate a treaty between the British and the Ashanti Empire. 330 more words


Once were British

This map shows all the countries that have declared their independence from the United Kingdom http://t.co/9d0vEDUqrd pic.twitter.com/931uGOnzep

— Cartography & Maps (@CartogRRaphy) September 30, 2015…

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Economic History

Ruling the Waves - Episode 1 - 'An Expanding Empire'

Stefan Piotrowski
Against the Current Productions

There seems to be a tendency for some public figures and media commentators to make sweeping assertions about how ‘the Empire’ did this or that to ‘the British’, as if both could somehow be easily defined and the relationship neatly described. 294 more words

Imperial & Global History

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway

The greatest inventions in history are created because they are needed. The wheel – transport. Writing – to record crops and trade. The machine gun – to efficiently kill. 1,059 more words

Α 71-year-old graffiti

Seventy-one years ago today, in the face of the advancing allied armies, the Germans had already begun evacuating southern Greece. Yet, on September 27th, 1944, Athens was still under occupation. 389 more words

Modern Greece