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My Anglophobe Brethren !

It is a matter of sheer grief and amusement to witness the disdain for the west and its culture by the folks who speak better English than Urdu, wear western cloths, eat american food and support European football leagues. 522 more words


Robert Mugabe is Dying but don't Crack Open the Champagne Yet

If you google the words ‘Robert Mugabe dying cancer’ numerous articles from African newspapers and websites will appear all speculating about the health of one of Africa’s longest serving dictators. 377 more words

CFP: Difficult Women in the Long Eighteenth Century: 1680-1830

Saturday 28th November, 2015

University of York, Berrick Saul Building

The long eighteenth century witnessed an age of social and political revolution which profoundly affected the way in which women occupied and contributed to the public sphere. 267 more words


Making Manchester into a Powercity

Keith Hudson

The real leader of the past and present (re-elected) Conservative government in the UK is not David Cameron, the Prime Minister, but George Osborne, his Chancellor of the Exchequer.  924 more words

The Public School Ethos and Late Victorian Children's Literature

In 1888, The Life of General Gordon was written so that ‘the young can learn the beautiful lessons of obedience and humility, of loyalty to God and devotion to others’ (Hope, 1888, p.361). 2,366 more words


Is the Pax Anglo-Saxonica worth defending?

Recently, expressing opinions, let alone writing them down, has felt like wading through mud. Given the absolute flood of bad, unfounded, wrong, nonsense opinions that is The Internet, one less take is not necessarily a bad thing. 1,632 more words