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Review of new Samuel Marsden biography

My short review of Andrew Sharp’s intellectual biography of Marsden was published this week on the NZ Listener’s webpage, see here.

A longer (academic) review will be published soon in the next New Zealand Journal of History.

British Empire

Hong Kong - The Handover.

‘I have relinquished the administration of this government. God Save The Queen. Patten.’

Nothing quite encapsulates the spluttering anticlimactic end of the British Empire as does this dreary, pitiful snap. 44 more words

Brits Are Homicidal At the Danger Of Bringing the U.S. Into the New Paradigm

President Trump, March 6, 2017.

You have to ask yourself: Why are the British so out-of- control apoplectic, that they are willing to fully expose themselves as they deploy to topple, or kill, President Trump? 629 more words


Τα εγκλήματα της Βρετανικής Αυτοκρατορίας εις βάρος των παιδιών της που διήρκεσαν μέχρι το 1974…

Professor Alexis Jay: ‘You must tell people exactly what has happened. It is important for the victims that their dreadful experiences should be acknowledged’…  

Γράφει η ΦΑΝΟΥΛΑ ΑΡΓΥΡΟΥ 43 more words


The Crimes of Colonialism

When we think of the days of the British Empire, we may tend to focus on a proud, noble heritage of Britons spreading wealth and prosperity across the globe; “the Empire on which the sun never sets”, both literally and figuratively. 1,074 more words

Britons suffer 'historical amnesia' over atrocities of their former empire, says author

‘Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world in the 18th century and reduced it, after two centuries of plunder, to one of the poorest’ 122 more words


Viceroy's House (2017). Film review: 3/5 for this creation of independent India drama.

Film review by Jason Day of Viceroy’s House, a drama set during the time of the handover of the Rajah, starring Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson. 722 more words