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TIME MACHINE: Battle of New Orleans


This year marked the 200th anniversary of the last of a series of engagements that marked the Battle of New Orleans. 908 more words


Churchill, A Necessary Leader

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If there are people marked by history to play large roles in the course of human events, Winston Churchill was surely one of these. 730 more words

Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, June 25, 2015

Join us each Thursday at 9pm Eastern for a live discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and his fellow Americans as they discuss the most pressing issues facing Americans and the world, in a live Q&A session. 13 more words

Lyndon LaRouche

Britain, The Empire of Evil, Pushes Genocide and World War


As Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrived Wednesday in Germany for a three-day visit, the truly Satanic nature of the British Empire was on full display. 500 more words

British Imperial Strategy

New Paradigm Show · June 24, 2015

The British Royal family—through their agent John Schellnhuber, an official Commander of the Order of the British Empire—has moved to take over the Catholic Church and use it as an instrument for their global depopulation, genocide agenda. 34 more words

British Empire

Should the Kaiser have suppressed Einstein?

Since his formulation of the General Theory of Relativity, the genius of Albert Einstein can hardly be disputed. The theory was proved to be true in 1919 by British Professor Arthur Eddington who showed by photographing an eclipse in Principe, West Africa, that light could be bent by gravity. 516 more words

Colonizability of Africa (1899)

Colonizability of Africa (1899) by Harry Johnston, a British explorer bit.ly/1uQjAPX http://t.co/2jiqQdCgeT
Brilliant Maps (@BrilliantMaps) November 23, 2014

Economic History